Charcoal vs Coal Gasifier

I was curious if anyone has had experience running their gasifier on anthracite coal?

Was curious how its operation may compare to a charcoal gasifier. Looking at an application that runs a 3-10kW generator.

I am working on an updraft charcoal gasifier and am considering the impacts of running anthracite coal in it.

Not a good substitute. It will probably work with coke but not coal, too much volitiles.


What Kristijan said. I have seen drawings of antracite gasifiers, always downdraft, and imbert style, only a sligtly bigger restriction in difference from a wood gasifier.
I don’t remember if antracite is amoung the bitumenous, or “fat” coals, but it’s absolutely not “lean”, as coke.


Mercedes Benz had a crossdraft-gasifier for charcoal, which could also be used with coke and certain high quality antracite with very low volatile content. That was a must, otherwise the crossdarf-gasifier produced tar.

Pro: Due its higher density it ran much longer with a hopper of antracite compared to charcoal.
Con: Needed much more time to light the gasifer, and more problems with slag and ash.

This system was built for the car 170V, which was then named 170VG (G for gasifier). Here is a picture:


I found out in some old books that antracite actually is “lean” coals, not safe for updraft gasifiers though.