Charcoal water treatment

Hi all, any one have experience treating a pool, or spa with char? I put in a spa in a few months ago, would like to do away with the harsh chemicals. It has pleated filters that I would like to change to charcoal. Thanks


I found keeping a spa is more work than a pool. They make tablets that you can just throw into a pool, but they are too strong for a spa. I had a red wood spa and the redwood puts out acid. so my tub was always too acidity. The best thing I ended up doing was throwing in a hand full of “diatantious earth” to coat the paper filters. That made christal clear water. TomC


Hi Tom,
Fresh charcoal counters acidity :slight_smile: so that can be helpfull ?


Hey Tom, I have an old friend that lives in Attica Mi. Has a hot tub on his back deck.
Had the same problem. Pool Chems. Too strong. He started using Bromide tablets and installed a whole house water filter with charcoal cartridges. No more acidity and clear water. I realise this is more than a year later than your thread but hope it helps