Cheap Gasoline and the Flu

Hi Gang, ON and OFF topic. Gasoline is near $2.25 here which is below Katrina levels which was one of my motivating factors to do woodgas again after many years … People are driving like this is going to last forever. We’ve had some large family gatherings in the area etc etc etc … We have one neighbor that is now in the hospital with swine flu. They expect her to be there 3 weeks. She had the flu shot (NFG). I’m trying to rid myself of a snotty nose cold I was given by my grandkids Christmas Eve. I haven’t had a cold in near 2 years. Sue told me that she cleaned the swine flu house a couple of days before she was hospitalized so we wait … At any rate be careful … Cheap gasoline leads to the spread of disease … You all stay well … I took my new gasifier trailer off the red truck yesterday so I could use it for other projects for a while. Both trailers are parked near the road so they can be hooked back up in a jiffy … Just beware … Regards, Mike LaRosa (Happy New Year)

Gas over here in the mitten state is down to $1.9?. But I know they’re just playin’ with us. I continue building my gasifier.

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They just keep fracin. Some days I can smell the sulfur here … Ignorance is bliss … M
I hope the mitten state gets some of it’s industrial base back some day … You have one of the largest pools of talented people to do it … They are exporting people to China from Detroit now to set up operations there … They exported folks from my area to Mexico to set up the plants there years ago …

For me. Cold turned to cough till you almost puke.
Took a round of antibiotics and am doing better now. That constant cough wore me out most days would just come home from work and crash.

If this follows the pattern people will buy bigger gas guzzlers then gas will go to $5.00 or more then come back down to $4.50 any people will be happy its not above $5.00 anymore. Maybe I will be happy too because my return on investment will come faster.
Everyone do what you can to stay well. Happy new year

Hey MIke,
Good to see you are still kick’in. Hope Sue didn’t take the swine bug home. Guys on the Yahoo site were asking about you and Ron O said he called you last week and you said you can’t get on there anymore.
Anyway if you need some gasoline envy, I took this pic for you.

Cigarettes $5.10? It’s getting expensive to poison yourself. Heck you could save money there too! just run a little hose from your gasifier into the cab and puff on that.

This city is farther away from the Chicago area refinery than us, but has less gullible consumers. $1.66 / Regular
Just like selling heroin, discount it until they’re hooked.

Gas is cheap right now so American production will go out of business. put oil workers on unemployment again. hurt American economy even more. Arabs did it before and they’re doing it again. we forget. We’ve given them so much money they can afford to sit back and wait. sell oil cheaper than it costs to drill it. We have made monsters out of them . America has gotta hang on this time.

There is good science out there says we won’t run out at all. Petroleum keeps condensing from upwelling methane…
They may be playing with us, on more levels than one: The deeper they drill, the more oil they find.
And the closer others look at the upwelling chemistry, the closer they are coming to the origins of life on earth (and elsewhere).
No reason to stop woodgassing! Or praying, I suppose…

Notes From the Underground

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Hi John, Stay warm !!! Mike L

Doug I didnt realize you were that close!! GH is my home town. If you are ever in the Muskegon area stop on by; address is on the website. We are right by Michigans Adventure.

I worked at the HMI main site for 5 years some time ago.

I might have talked to you this past spring as I remember a work in progress Grand Haven guy. I’ve been roped into that park twice now, but mama taught me to fear drowning and extreme sunburn leading to skin cancer, so I’ve had to fake fun and speed the family out of there as soon as I could. My truck is moving along and it will take very little to drive anywhere when personal accomplishment runs with the odometer. What’s HMI and do you want a visitor before you’re finished?

HMI is Herman Miller Inc, but anyways yeah visitors are always welcome especially woodgassers!! Yeah It would be cool to take a look at your rig too.

I was never much for the beach either :slight_smile:

The current build will undergo final testing this weekend. Then it will be short time and it will ship to Italy, I will soon follow it to demo it there. Yeah typically we only get a short window (just a few days) with the machines once they are complete.

Since I’m finishing a knock down flu, I’ll contact you via e-mail for a soon swing over after this wasted week. Ironically, The I in HMI threw me off. I have three in laws that work for HMI in the Greenhouse site. They have probably met you. I’ll take my "82 AMC Eagle as I can fill it up cheaper by you than our outrageous $1.72/gallon.


Hey Matt, the private post is forbidding me, so would you email me [email protected] Thanks, Doug