Cheap Victoria available and other stuff

Hi Wood Gassers,

I have been having a building frenzy lately which is why I have been so quiet. I have a brand new “one off” Victoria which I want to get rid of cheap. It’s just like this:

fancy version but it has the bottom clean out like my current builds. It was a stepping stone machine which never fully got built up until recently. Now because it is an odd ball I just want it gone without scrapping anything. $600 and it can be yours. That’s $225 off my usual price.

I also have five cyclones, a final filter, and a couple ejectors getting finish welded. They are available if anyone wants them. I am starting to carry inventory instead of making everything built to order. Everything just felt too rushed the other way. I want to have all the time I need to be a stickler about quality.


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I want this with a filter setup and a carb plate, can you message or email me?

Hi Abe,

My email is [email protected]. I will get you a formal quote offline.


ok, just sent you an email, let me know if you don’t get it.

Nice work!!!

Hi Joe,

They are always available if you ever want one. It’s how I feed my addiction to wood gas.