Chrysler 46RE auto trans

The truck I bought recently started to have a delayed 2-3 up shift on only the initial shift when first leaving the house, then it would be fine. OD works well with just a little slip when pressing the silly electric solnoid button. (normal for most vehicles to hesitate) The TC lockup seems flawless as well. So, I am sure the rear band (controls 2-3 and reverse I think on these) will need to be adjusted back to spec as well as the front band. I decided that after Argos I am just going to pull the whole tranny out and rebuild. I got a entire rebuild kit for around 250 bucks. I have rebuilt a 42RE once before and these transmissions are almost identical. I will also just replace the valve body since opening a valve body to rebuild is a can of worms. I can get a re-manned for about 250. So 500 bucks plus my time. Think its worth it? I can buy a re-manned full tranny for around 1600 shipped… however would still have to install it. Rebuilding just the clutch packs, drums, and bands is not very difficult on these units. I may try to squeeze another year out of this trans and realize it could be something as simple as the faulty gov. solnoid. The last time I took the pan off it looked really good, barely any clutch material or metal in the pan. Thoughts?

Having rebuilt a auto transmission twice using videos and books, I can tell you honestly to avoid rebuilding it yourself. New transmissions are very complex. Try to find someone on Craiglist who will bench build it for you. You pull it, they fix it, you put it back in. Typically $400 around here.

I agree they are complex however I have done a few and have taken classes for auto trans as well. Not sure if I could trust someone on CL to do it. Just trying to decide if I should let it ride for the time being. I think it will be OK for another 60 thousand. Basically just seeing if anyone else has had this type of issue with their trans.

Agree. Some of these guys work for professional trans shops and rebuild on the side. Confirm their experience, of course.

There is a guy who is a trans professional on YouTube. His name is Hiram Gutierrez You could ask him. I have asked him questions.