Chunker project

I am going to build the wood chunker before building the gasifier… I burn wood chips to make maple syrup and want to be able to cut my own wood.

I was able to pick up an axle that has planetary gears and hoping to get a little more cutting power from it.

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Well that certainly looks sturdy. Planetary gears sounds good, keep us up to date. I’ve been looking at Tractor “rear ends”

That’s impressive.
What is the drive ratio after the Planetaries?

I am not sure what the ratio is yet, have not had time to check it out yet. A friend gave it to me and he also has rims and probably anything else I need.

What I really want is a Laimet HP-21 screw chipper, if there was one for sale in the US I would be all over it.

I’m with you on that one, a screw chipper. Could be my 2014 project. I got a price on a HP-21, $9,526 Euro’s. I think I will try and build one first.

Was that including shipping to the US? I have been waiting for the Euro to drop but seems to be stuck at $1.30