Chunking - granberg clip n trim

Just FYI. I got a granberg clip n trim chainsaw attachment thing to put on my small bar 14" poulan woodshark since that bar had the hole in the end of it to attach it too, which the stihl bar doesn’t have.

I trimmed a bush with it, and it left really raggety edges… so It won’t be used for that at all. It works decent to trim brush though. If you want to just trim back some brush, with grapvines, it goes right through with not much effort.
The vines or brush didn’t move and it was like using a hedge trimmer. the vines don’t slide don’t the blade at all which is nice for overhead type of cutting.

I tested it out on the 5ft brush pile, and it did okay through a lot of it. However anything bigger then about 1 1/4" it didn’t go through, it gets hung up on the attachment, because it is wider then the saw kerf.

I did knock out half the teeth on one side because it didn’t slice the brush pile that well. I think it stopped at about 3/4" and the brush didn’t bend to accomodate the teeth that well.

All and all. Not a great solution for chunking wood, however it was a lot faster then using the 5hp chipper shredder to turn it into a smaller pile. It kept the chain out of the dirt, and probably more fuel efficient, since I was only running the poulan at maybe half throttle. :slight_smile: