CNC Plasma Machine for Sale

Hi All,

I have a CNC Plasma table made by Eagle Plasma for sale. Im asking $1500.00 for it I have over $4500.00 invested into it. It comes with the computer, but I am keeping the plasma cutter I bought for it.

Im sure this machine will work but I just dont have time to fiddle with it. If you are interested in this Al at Eagle Plasma will work with you to get it going. I am going to get a lazer machine to replace this and would just like to recoup some of what I have invested in it. Im listing it here to you guys for very cheap Ill give it a week and will place this for auction on Ebay with a bit higher reserve.

Here is a pic of the machine.

Matt, will the table break down for shipping?

Yes, but Id rather not deal with packaging it. I would need to build crates for it, and it is crazy busi here. Im in West Michigan if you are interested in coming and picking it up.