CO2 scrubbing using MEA

Will there be heat energy loss from the syngas when it passes through the absorber column? If yes, how should I calculate it? For now,I am assuming there wouldn’t be any temperature change so no heat loss…but I am sure there will be right?

Are you able to describe your process in more detail? Will this be for gas purification, cooling or a combination of both?

Hi! This is for gas purification.The cooler before the absorber will cool the syngas before it enters. I will be using rice husk for biomass in gasification.

To clarify things further, what’s your aim? Stationary power or to power a vehicle?

To generate 1MW electricity (stationary power) :slight_smile:

So firstly we must understand that the whole process from fuel input to electricity output is a dynamic system, and each step in the process can have several effects on other steps in the process.

To answer your question: yes, there would be a decrease in the gas temperature, but it depends a lot on the operational parameters of the system.

Here’s a good start of how to think about it:

Let’s make the following assumptions: the syngas is 12% CO2, the amine gas scrubber removes all of the CO2 and the back-pressure through the gas scrubber is negligible.

The temperature decrease due to the pressure drop from removing the CO2 alone would have the following contribution:

  • For a syngas input temperature of 100 deg C, the output syngas temperature would be approximately 55 deg C
  • For a syngas input temperature of 200 deg C, the output syngas temperature would be approximatley 143 deg C

This is very simplified and doesn’t take into consideration the sensible heat transfer from the syngas to the MEA, and the return temperature of the lean MEA from the regenerator.

As the volume, flow rate and heat dissipation of the whole gas scrubber unit greatly influence the return temperature of the lean MEA, it would be hard to accurately predict to temperature decrease of the syngas. However, it is clear that the output syngas can’t be colder than the lean MEA input.

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thnk u so much mike :slight_smile:


3% seems awfully low. Wayne’s Auburn tests showed around 10% CO2.