Cold weather RTV help?

dose someone have a trick for getting RTV to set up in cold weather i glued some parts and 24 hrs latter and the RTV is still goopy…this could prove a big problem for me as most of us reliy on RTV to seal some parts HELP PLEASE!!! =) is there a cold weather silicon or CTV (cold temp vulcanizing) lol

From using rtv over the years especially the high temp red stuff it takes ages to go off and is accelerated by uv light , so leave out in daylight and let it get some sun light .once the edges get the UV it should harden off through the joints



interenting i had no idea about the UV aspect have uv lights for sanitation i couls stick it in the pipe and leave for 24 hours awsome !!! thank you =)

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I have never worried about it as long as gaps are under 1/16”.
Actually figured a little negative pressure would aid the seal.
Just goop it up, fire up and drive away… all cured out by next day

Now that wouldn’t work if you had a sneeze!


RTV needs exposure to air humidity to cure.
Temperature speeds this up. Reduces the time.
No to-air exposure; low, low humidity air; and it will never cure completely.

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I always spit on my finger to keep the RTV/Silicone from sticking to finger to smooth it out or push it into place.
Always seems to dry in a day or so. I have also place aluminum tape over it. I did this on my cooling rail tree. Still dried and no leaks yet.

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I’m under the impression from past experience that silicone that has been exposed to very low temps (left out all winter in temps below 0) will stay goopy and not set up. Can anyone confirm or debunk this?

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im thinking is “yes” at this point =/