Comfort food thread

I have not been eating right lately and its catching up with me.
I went to the bulk store and bought some real floor and baking stuff and made a loaf of old fashion potato bread.

3 cups of good bread floor.
3/4 tea spoon of salt. ( to taste I go a little light on salt )
Spoon full of butter ( about 2 tab spoon ).
One boiled potato mashed up and I used just enough water to boil it to moisten the dough ( eyeballed this maybe a cup ??? )
Some yeast ( perhaps 1/2 a packet again I eyeball this )
Spoon full of spray malt ( eyeball again about 2 tab spoons of dry malt extract like you would use for bagels, or brewing beer. I avoid sugar where I can )
Hand need 50 times and let rise, kneed a second time in an hour and form loaf for final rise.

Bake at 375 for about 1/2 hour until ready.

Very easy bread, that’s it…
Makes good toast, keeps well.
I also make a nice rye ( for myself wife does not rye or sour dough )

My wife is an awful cook, she boils everything or uses a lot of process foods.
So what are your meal plans and simple recipes for healthy eating


hi wallis i have running the same problem, too much processed foods and veg oil fried potatos caught up too me when i caught the flue bug end of winter, Now i am trying too stick too fruit and vegies non cooked as posible. I have been tested blood for vitmen D Defient, so eating salmon about eavery 2 or three days, There are a few good alternitive medicen type docs on youtube. Proper Food is are best meds type thiery.

It is amazing what a deficiency can do. I had some thyroid problems several years back. The doctors wanted to put me on replacement hormone drugs. I set out to use supplements and vitamins instead. After a time I was able to heal the problem completely and don’t have any trouble at all. But I had to eat a lot of sea food and lay off the sugar and stimulants.


I have a pound of ground beast sitting in the fridge and need to plan something for supper.
It will probably be a meat loaf.
I think I will use some rolled oats egg red and green pepper fried onions and garlic with some mustard ketchup and seasonings in it.
Nothing fancy ( see what the wife says before I do that ).
Probably just make a salad to go with it

It does not take much to throw you system a little wonky by bad eating habits.
Breakfast today is some red river and coffee.
Maybe a nice piece of that potato bread toasted with some peanut butter…

I should go easy on the coffee in hind sight too.
Billy reminds me how those stimulants can upset the natural rhythm of the body.

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Meat loaf turned out mushy.
Its Jenny Jones fault…

I think I added too much milk but I will try again.