Component sizing

i’ll looking for some specific input on my first build: a 650 cc single cylinder. With a simplefire-style charcoal design i need advice on component sizing: pipe and fitting diameter, firebox diameter and length. filter sizes, etc. I’ve been searching around online but some direct advice would be appreciated from those in the know!

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Hi Peter , is the 650cc engine stationary ? or on a trike/bike or something like that

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Ok just seen your other post from months ago .

This one: :slightly_smiling_face:
Starting from scratch and looking for input: KLR 650 build

yes thats me. its a motorcycle. Took a bit of time to rebuild the engine and bike in between normal life happening. It had bent valves. but now its good to go!


bigger is better than smaller i think that if you make everythting the same size or bigger then the mouth of the carb/intake you should be fine =) my car has aprox 1.75" carb so my ristriction is 3" and all my pipeing is 2" i just finnished the upgrade to 2" piping had some 1.5" in there creating bottle necks but there gon now waiting for good weather will let you know =)

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thats simple enough. but, what do you mean by " my ristriction is 3"?

okay i’ll stop this thread and move back to the original: Starting from scratch and looking for input: KLR 650 build

i have a imbert style reactor and it has a 3" hole in the core =)

Hi Peter, for a 650 cc engine, use a one inch inside diameter nozzle and a one inch ID for the cyclone. This is for a charcoal gasifier.
Gary in PA

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Hi @Chris, could combine this thread with @PeterBJanes on orginal thread he started( KLR 650 build ). So he can keep it all together in one thread. Thank you.