Compressing Wood Gas

Okay seems as if there is more and more interest in this and I think that is great!!! Now seeing as how this is history being recreated and that this is the good old producer gas from years ago, can this be compressed and stored. I think that if that is possible a whole new world becomes available. Imagine a gas refrigerator run on producer wood gas. Using this gas for lighting heating cooking the whole nine yards

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This question gets asked a lot, and unfortunately the answer is no. You can find the reasons and answers lots of other common questions here:

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The main problem with stored wood gas is that it is hydrogen that floats too the top of the tank, and any oxegen make its way in a preasure tank can cause a large boom, and that it stores very little, as hydrogen dont condence and liquifi like propane dose. You would need a 10.000 gallon tank too last short time.and that type hydrogen storeing would require permits and safty inspections frequinty.knollege is power.PS burning wood on demand is much more energy eficiant than most any other methods. Are systems have spring loaded lids too releive any oxegen puff backs.


Plus, hydrogen being such a small molecule, it difuses truhg container walls, makeing it brittle.

I think compressing realy isnt a good idea. Its already compressed in wood.

But, as for gas storeage goes, l was thinking to make a bell type gas container. The main part wuld be 2 barrels, turned one to a nother, with one slideing in a nother. Then water wuld be filled in the bottom one, and a puley bolted on the top. A weight wuld be connected to the pulley and barrel with a rope, so when the weight is released it creates a vacuum in the barrels. This wuld be connected to a warmed up gasifier.
When the barrels are full of gas, the weight is put on to the moveing barrel, giveing a slight positive pressure to the gas, ready for applications like lighting and cooking.

That would give a little pos preasure too slow down back fuzing too the barrel, well i exsploded a small plastic food bag from store about 2 or three gallons worth , with hho and i am lucky i can still hear with my ears. Due too the speed hydrogen burns, with air it exspoles quit loud.I could hear the drywall in my barn screaching in my ear drums for days or weeks before the sound resended in my ears and brain. (SMARTER) even though wood gas is much milder than hho it can seperate in cans and become more hazardous than wood gas on demand if under any PSI. pluss it looses much of its overall ephicincy in storage cans, and if hardwood is used it might be asidic too the cans. I think charco may be the next best alturnitive too gas storage.