Condensate Tanks?

I’m having my truck painted and today we’re going to take the bed of the truck. I wanted to know if the tanks would be useful for condensate tanks? Hoping to run PVC pipe and make connections by heating two inch threaded pipe and drilling one-and-seven-eighths holes to form connections. Do you think the plastic tanks would hold up to the heat of the condensate? Plan B would be to use the keg or maybe the blue plastic tank. Just a thought.


Chris found some Uniseals that look good for making connections. Hard to tell if the tanks might work without seeing them but keep in mind they will have to hold up to vacuum and pressure too. Pvc works fine for the tank after the cooling rails, Not sure for the hopper tank.

I’d try the first 2 or the keg. The blue one would have to be pretty thick before I’d use it.

One thing to note is that the blue one is probably nearly identical to the plastic hay-filter Admin Chris is using and I think a hay-filter sees a lot more vacuum than a condensate tank. I don’t know for sure but it would make sense to me…

I thought the first two plastic tanks might work they already have one hole with threads so all I need to do is drill holes in the tank where needed heat black iron pipe with threads and melt them then use threaded fittings of PVC to make connections use a strip of 60 mil rubber to protect the tank from rocks hitting it going down the road the only thing to consider is freezing in the winter.
THANKS, Dan Moore

The barrels I’m using are 3/16" LDPE, with ribs molded in. 15" diameter. Larger diameter and thinner walls could collapse under vaccuum. BTW the condensate tanks receive same vacuum as the rails, I’d test them to 50" WC before using. Temps are not a problem with main tank, hopper tank gets warm though.

Uni-seals are the ticket for plastic tanks. I’m very happy with mine so far.