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Most everyone has a cell or track phone now. I’m trying to get in touch with Gary Gilmore. I intended to spend most of Saturday with him. Jeff Davis is one I’d like to talk with for a bit but has pay for minute phones. I Hope Wayne is OK. He looked pretty tired at Argos. Ron and Ronda are on my good list as well as most of you. Just 2 teenagers are on my crap list and I don’t even know their names. I’d like my cell phone charger back and my power inverter. My rib will take months to heal … My mailing address is PO Box 383 / 263 E. Main Street, Linden, WI 53553 and I am usually at 608-623-3000 … Thanks, Mike LaRosa
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HI Mike, Gary Gilmore here, I have a work cell phone which is really just for work,. Wife disconnected the house land line and she does not like her phone number given out. Sooooo, the best way to get ahold of me is by email. Try;
[email protected]
Gary in PA

Hi Gary. I had planed to spend the day with you but was in a coma for 9 hours on Saturday … I just made black eyed peas for the gang … Last thing I remember was the noon whistle… Next thing I knew it was 9 PM … I was not drunk, just hit in the chest with a hardball… Took me over a minute to get my heart to beat again … I am a trained EMT … Pretty hard to be drunk for 9 hours … Nobody checked up on me … I will e-mail you if they will let me … Mike

Gary, My regular e-mail is [email protected] but I can only e-mail at night as I have a random IP address and the NHS people don’t allow anything but browser e-mail but I’m on the old twisted pair so can’t use yahoo or gmail … Mike
It was nice seeing you but I lost a whole day there and will never go back …

Mike, I eat lunch with you. Some dude wanted to talk but you said after lunch. You had a chair for me, we eat and talked. The dude showed up again so I split. After that I never saw you again.

I emailed you.

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