Continueus bead welder

I found an old bead welder basicly a non stop spot welder I wonder if that would work for big welds like the fire tube plate to drum lid and such
I’m not sure but i thought it might save some warpage
maybe i am just making to big a deal out of this but i did some dummy welds on old drums and when i welded the plate aginst the drum seal it caused a lot of warpage and some burn thru if i drop back away from the seal it welds better but i thought it world crack
How close do you guys weld the heavy plate to the edge of the drum

When I am welding something heavy to a light piece I put more weld on the heavy piece then move it into the lighter gauge piece - then back the the heavy one. In other words I have the bead on the heavier piece a bit longer then the lighter piece.

I also do short runs or tacks then switch to the other side of the piece; several tacks around and you are done. The trick is to not heat up one area too much.

Hi Tom, I’m curious as to what you’re welder looks like.
You got some pics you are willing to share?
All the Best