Continuous feeding updraft gasifier

Just found this continuous feeding updraft gasifier design on youtube from an Austrian company.

It is part of a boiler, but with secondary air off, it is an updraft gasifier.

The interesting part of this boiler is multiple design elements that allows continuous operation – including the online ash removal and anti-jam auger.

They claim this boiler can output 400kw of heat with 1.36 cubic meter dimension, translating to 100kw (134hp) of engine power for a 25% efficiency Otto engine, which is enough for a commercial freight truck.

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Hi Cow Dog,

There are many things what this can be called / used for, but i doubt the useability for IC engine purpose…

From my perspective: any company that try’s to sell such a product with the claim “zero-emission” ends up with my thumb down…

Its a smoke maker, period…


I can guess it means low emission when running in ideal conditions, and a lot of smoke starting, stopping and when the chip bridge falls.

CO2 emission rings a bell ?
PM 2.5 ?

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