COP Hassles etc

I have a very immature neighbor … He’s the youngest of 12 kids and is 49 and never raised kids and unfortunately on the village board … He thinks he’s God’s gift to the world. Needless to say I’m getting hassled … I only wish I took pictures of his recycling bin yesterday booooooooooooze … Maybe next week … Local cop and I are working on it … Some of you other folks may go through similar … Tough to keep a level head but I had a lot of good coaches so I don’t worry too much about it … In over 10 years when he is my age he will be a miserable bastard … I hope to be on a southern beach :o) See you all in 2 weeks … Mike

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That bites…!! I hate that kind of stuff. All I can say is; one day at a time.


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you should do the old dog poo in a bag lit on fire trick.

Nothing more undesireable than nosey neybers,been through that with my dads yard, most of what they enforse is illegal rules,not much good with out lawer, we had too cover are junk supply with wood fence, too keep non visable from the road or neybers veiw was , exceptable, good luck,SWEM ,The worst part about it is it was all hidden in a 10 acres woods,and some how the person trust passed too get pictures for the county.I wish all them city people would just stay in the city.


In their peaky houses… :mask: