Could use some input

I at present have two trucks a one ton ford dump truck and a S10 .I use both for hauling of coarse the one ton is my heavy hauler .was going to use the S 10 for the gasifacation conversion but its getting pretty rough and has a V 6 so ruled it out.I guess I will get down to the nut cutting been looking at the dodge Dakota and big ram V10 I drive 220 miles one way to work .I work on a towboat so it is once a month to my work place and then back home.I am looking at two trucks both nice trucks 1995 Dakota 4x4 extended cab with 122000 for 3000 and the 2000 Ram 4x4 190000 at 4900 I have to have four wheel drive I’m going to be building a flat bed for which ever truck I get but afraid there won’t be enough room in the back of the Dakota to haul much of anything.In my research though I have noticed that a lot of the V10 for sale have new engines or tranny.the Dakotas 318 is a great little motor .is there one truck easier to convert then the other .I’m leaning toward the Dakota its a real sweat truck from the pictures but I’m stuck on this old boat for another week an half before I can go look at it .any opinion would be appreciated. so I went on for so long

Hello Tim and welcome aboard sir,

I think the dakota would be my choice but it is not good at hauling any heavy loads.


Thank you sir for your response and welcoming me to this fine site.I will focus in on the Dakota .I’m looking forward to getting home and start reading your book.Best Regards Tim

I’d call the 95 Dakota a bargain compared to around here!

Really Carl that surprises me! Found another one yesterday for 3900 same milage both look to be 9 out of 10 flawless bodies clean interior .Maybe I should start buying them and bring them to you to sell .