Crossing the border (Canada to USA, vice versa)

I know wood burners have been crossing the border in the past but how about lately in our politically charged atmosphere.
Anyone have any stories (good or bad) about traveling across the border with a wood burner… any tips?

Don’t bring any wood if they’re worried about transporting firewood. Make sure it’s not smoking visibly. Consider just driving on dino to get across.

Load up on parts and such before you go back… way cheaper here.

(OK, now someone who’s actually done it please straighten me out…)

I’d like to see them inspect all those tubes etc etc etc … It’s a tough call. It would probably depend on who you get at the border. Greg M says his vehicle is certified for woodgas and he had acquired some kind of permit and he thought he might make it to Argos but nothing heard. In the old days you could drive anything into Canada as long as you had a pile of money in your hands to spend there. The hassle was always in the returning to the USA. I don’t know how they would think you could hide something in a distributor cap but I’ve had mine removed a few times. Of course they check the air cleaner. I think they would get sick of having soot and tar on their hands in a hurry and maybe come to their senses ??? Mike … Ha Ha on the condensate and monorator tanks :o)

if they gave you trouble the best case scenario would be they just send you back but the worst case may be they tare the truck apart and leave you to pick up the pieces or make you walk home, not sure if I’m willing to risk it yet but would love to take a trip to the States someday on woodgas.

I would be interested in learning more about this woodgas certification but probably more bureaucratic baloney

Dustin, I don’t know what to tell you. It might be possible to contact the crossing you plan to go through ahead of time and ask them what would be required and get set up ahead of time and just pull over and ask for the special inspection. OR, you can take your chances. Kinda sucks we even have to think about it. I travel across 3 states on a regular basis as I am 30 miles from Illinois and 30 miles from Iowa. I don’t worry about it too much but realize that I might get stopped by some hot dog cop and get read the riot act. In Wisconsin they simply confiscate the wood so I never take any more sacks than what I need as a lot of work goes into making my chunks. Eventually I want to drive one of my wood rigs so my folks can see one. My Mom is 83 and my Dad is 87. They live 20 miles east of New York City. I would have to go over the Verazano or George Washington Bridge and then the Throgs Neck Bridge. I don’t know what they would think of an old bearded hippy pulling a weird trailer … Mike

As someone who has been denied entry to the US not once not twice but three times in my adult life all before the toghtening up I don’t think I’ll be strapping on tanks anytime soon. I would like to hear more about the permited unit though…

There are big problems with transporting firewood either way .SO DONT HAVE FIREWOOD! Lumber is no problem at all. Simply make sure everything is Debarked and sawn.

Allso when up in Michigan,dont bring any ash wood, there is a 10.000 dollar fine,or some ware in that neyberhood.oakland county may be ware the line of ash wood transport is not a good idea.due too the ash bore eating all the ash trees,they dont want them too spread too all the countys.MICHIGAN NO TRANSPORT of ash fire wood in the certain countys,like MIKE L SAID ,maybe with the bark off,sawed like lumber would work, big gamble in technicratic MI. And if you happen too prefer weed over whisky,dont get caught with a joint or pharifinalia in your car.,its an automatic 500.00$ fine.

A couple of springs back I went to a greenhouse just across the border. I saw a plant I liked and inquired about it. The lady told me I couldn’t bring it across the border into the states. I asked her where the plants came from, figuring some exotic location with a bug problem. She said they’re grown in Florida.??? Go figure. They can import them from the states but you can’t bring them back. I swear this is a true story.