Current gasifiers in the USA

Hi all,
New here and very interested. I am curious about how many (approximate) vehicles in the USA are currently successfully running on woodgas. I see here on the forum that about 2500 members exist so I would have to assume that at least that many are actively moving towards woodgas vehicles. I studied gasification several years ago (+10) but at the time information was scarce and I did not feel that enough information existed for me to be successful. The FEMA material was up at the time but it looked incomplete to me. Wayne has obviously moved the ball forward a lot since I last looked at the technology. I am a process and automation controls guy at my day job and I would be curious about automating the integration of a gasifier to a vehicle. I am curious if anybody has worked on computer controlled woodgas mixture control and a seamless system to switch from gas to woodgas and then back to gas again. I worked my way thru college as an ASE certified master mechanic and my specialty was electronic engine management systems. From what I have seen in the last few days you guys have solved many of the issues that were once associated with running a vehicle on woodgas.

Thanks for letting me join the forum, looking forward to learning many new things

Scott Sutton

Hello Scott Sutton
The answer to about half of your questions are in the active posts over on the Premium side Builders with those having actively built up WK systems and now vehicle driving. These works will be blind to you until you do join up there.
Last count approx XX working towards XXX with most driving now using electronic port fuel injected 1990 to early 2000’s vehicles.
Mostly factory V-8 Dodge pickup chassis’s ( for the power to weight ratios and easier Speed-Density systems) with a smattering of Fords, GM’s. One fellow with a Cadillac SEFI small V-8.
I retired in 2008 as an ASE Master auto tech also. Your experiences would be helpful. Almost all of the actual vehicle running problems woodgas to gasoline switching over are now automatically solved by the factory EFI systems now.
What factory systems systems are you comfortable with? Could use some help with European systems into the US and Canada.

Most of the actual gasifier system automation interst here is on the DOW is in the intended stationary system directions.
At least 4-5 other guys with your experience and qualifications here now working to pursue this.
Read the works here of Matt Ryder, and Chris Seymour, and April Woods, and Henry Austin, and Francois Pal, and Billy Boes.
First a fellow actually has to learn woodgas making characteristics.
Then learn IC engine fueling on woodgas characteristics.
Steep, steep, l-o-n-g learning curves on this stuff.
Learn this well and be recognized as woodgas competent and I will send along the worldwide systems “programming” job asks.
I just want to stay at home and die in my own bed now. Weary of adventuring out around.

Actual vehicles woodgasifiers with a demanded and required vehicle operator; the gasifier operation is easiest done by this active operator in human real-time feed-back based on live instumentation including O2 sensor feedbacks, and especially seat of the pants judgements versus microprocesor dumbed down.
Guys doing this are now driving longer, faster keeping up with fast highway speed traffic condtions now.
Not about the elecronics fine driven control; but about the optimal vehicle/engine selction, fuel wood management, and proven now needed maintenance intervals for the produced wood condensates, soots and ash.

Steve Unruh

I keep a running list of Keith gasifiers (and adding other types now). As of now I know of 72 projects, about half are completed.

This should be updated in real time.

I like how you discourage and intrigue at the same time. It let us new guys know that it won’t be easy but will be worth it if we maintain a ‘stick to it’ mentality. It keeps some of us longing for more.

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Chris ,

I’m not fully completed with this 94 Ram 318 4x4 but I have put over 400 miles on it now . I guess you could add it to the list.


Added Wayne! Anyone else I forgot, please speak up!

Mike Larosa,Ron Lemler?

Thanks for all the great information. I plan to have my wife buy the book and the subscription for Christmas, she does not know what to get me so she asked me what I want.


Good deal ScottS.
AdminChris does Paul Halverson show up on the systems map? He’s using a modified MENS.
Google does not want to co-operate with my Yahoo based system to allow me to look.
Steve Unruh

Hi Chris, I tried to add myself to the list but had no success or even access … Just put me in as Variety Vehicles, WI, too many to count, yes on Argos or where ever,
I know I haven’t built a “Keith” gasifier and probably never will so maybe another column is in order to specify other types ?? If you add that column, just put “variety” in there for me. I have run many imbert varients and centerfeeds as well as a few that can not be defined …
I am slowly working on another double rotor type (imbert varient). We just got buried in snow and it was zero degrees this morning here.
Thanks, Mike

OK, I’ve updated the list to include non-WK systems. Added 8 new names!

What are the columns on the far right with numbers and some (TRUCKNAME)? Are those totals of each catagory?

Thanks Chris … M

Tom Collins '94 Silverado 4.3L Wi. finished Mod/ LaRotor (?) (?)

Tom, you’re in, thanks.

Yep, those are counting filters. Dakotas, F-series Fords, Chevys, Rams. The asterisks are wildcards. I’ve also got totals for gasifier types, project status, builders, and (probable) Argos attendees.

For the math geeks reading this, the filters are based on countif, using the value immediately to the right. I use a =counta(unique(A3:A)) to count the builders.

Hi Chris, I practically had to twist your arm to get you to go to Wayne’s. I almost had to pay your way in the metro. I hope it has worked out OK. I’m glad you did. I hope you find time to be a young man before you start looking back like us older codgers. I just went to a granddaughter’s christening a week or so ago. She doesn’t have a clue who I am but her older brother knows me as grandpa fiddle Mike. My next experiment is to see if I can enlarge the 3 inch hole in a few of the pile of rotors I have here by 1/4" all the way around using a reciprocating saw. I think they call it a sabre saw ??? … I have to find my saw first in this pile of stuff. If not I will use the torch ?? I really liked the one I have on the trailer and would like to make that available and simple for those that are welding challenged like myself. Actually, I’m a land surveyor that can’t walk anymore and am losing my eyesight. I didn’t expect it to happen overnight but that is the way it is sometimes. I think 55 is a good retirement age. Both my grandmother and an aunt died at 51. My aunt was 8 months younger than my wife. Make tracks !!! Regards to all, Mike … Cup is still half full … I have to work where the heat is right now … :o) …

Chris, I couldn’t view beyond sheet 1, but count me in as the real thing. My Dakota is still burning wood up and down the highway at 60 MPH. Still running the partial Kieth set-up. Loving every mile!!! (4885 miles this year, so far). The cold is slowing me down, but catching up on chunking. John

Count me in for Argos!!! My resolve increases with fighting ground down galvanized pipe still spitting embers on me while welding.

Just wanted to post an update, My Keith style Gasifier is nearly finished, and will be ready for Argos if everything goes as planned…(half the battle) I am using a 1996 dodge Dakota sport with a 5.2L V8. 2WD. Birth year is Feb, 1985 and my state of residence is Michigan…

Good morning Joseph.

Can’t wait to take a look at it. See you there .