Cutting Barrels and Tops with a jigsaw, plasma, anglegrinder

Here is a little trick for cutting barrel tops with a jigsaw.

I will post more here with cutting barrels. Others are welcome to post here too with their cutting tricks.



cutting with a angle grinder with very consumed disc - small diameter- , cuts more round as with a new- big diameter - disc…what cuts more in longer straight cuts…
but i think this conclusion is nothing new the practicals here


Wow… cutting out the tops of drums! What memories!

Over 50 years ago, I earned the money for my first dirt bike by selling my father’s old metal drums as burning barrels. I tried a cold chisel and hammer. Then a metal cutting blade on a jigsaw. Finally, I went pro and bought a drum “deheader” for something like $25… expensive back then! I only got $3/barrel!

A few years ago, I bought another one. Now, it’s around $100 but pretty much the same design. Makes a clean cut, like a can opener.