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I know that this is not exactly wood gas, but it falls in with biomass. Interesting to see where the technology is going:


Cool…Interesting…but junk science to generate grant money and publish. Here is the problem. The absolute upper limit of the process output is nothing more than the stored sunlight that hit the field over the growing season. Actually it is about 1% of that. I actually quantified the number with an experiment in a swampy area behind my house using birch trees. I found that

I did a calculation for the efficiency of plants at storing solar power but can’t find it at the moment. It was around 1%. A PV array on the side of the field hooked to a water electrolyzer would be just as good at 10% efficiency(14% panels, 70% electrolyzer).

Humans just use too much energy for our lifestyle. Once we can live on the energy striking or crossing our properties we will be sustainable, not until.