Cyclone seperator between gasifier and engine

Hi everyone, made some changes to my gasifier but the one I did that I am very happy about is a cyclone separator between the gasifier and the engine. In appx. 1 hour run time with a steady 8kw load, this new cyclone kept 8 oz. of water/soot mix out of my engine. There was some water in my 25’ connector hose when I disconnected it, so I am building a second cyclone to go at the engine side of the supply hose. This will make 2 hot cyclones right after the reactor that collect soot nicely, then 2 s.s. pot scrubber filters and the 2 cooled gas cyclones. This thing worked GREAT! Gasifier to generator cyclone is awesome

Looks to be working pretty good!
Never seen one used there before… Goes to show ya just never know til ya try :slight_smile:
Good on ya!

if I got my numbers right at one drip a second it will take 63 minutes for the jar to fill. Assuming it is a quart jar.
Anyway nice job on the water extraction.

Hi terry, very optimistic about this setup,now one more for the other end of the feed hose. Dan

Wes, I will take your word on that and check out the accuracy next time I run an 8kw load for an hour under similar conditions. Exceeded my expectations on water removal.

Hi, Dan.
Thanks for the video. As you know, I have a similar setup on my JXQ-10 system. I borrowed my cyclone separator design directly for Jim Mason, but they use it for hot gas, not cold gas as I (we?) are doing.
Up till now, I assumed that the ONLY reason I got “juice” in my jar was from my water filtration system but now I’m not so sure.
It will be interesting to see what condenses in that new “final-final” cyclone separator that you are building.

Pete Stanaitis