D.I.Y Builders Shop For New Woodgasers

Is there anyone interested in renting a do it yourself shop and tools. I have a large space in northeast Florida and plenty of tools for the first time builder to get started building a gasifier at a reasonable rate. I know where to get all the materials at the right price. Contact me at this thread or private message. You will be able to benefit from my knowledge and experience as well. If you want to operate a wood gas truck and see how it is maintained before you build I can do this for you as well. Thanks Sean

Man I wish I were in Florida… Sounds like a blast Sean. Hope you get some interest!

Me too Chris I am sure you will make it down here sometime

Sean, where are you located?? I am over here in Dixie county, in the big bend reigon.


Hi John,
I am in bunnell on the East coast in between St. Augustine and daytota beach. I think your about 100 miles away from me.

Hi Sean, sounds like a great idea I would be interested in the work shop, when would it be and what would be the cost?

Hi Dan,
Welcome to the site
The ordinal thought here was for someone who doesn’t have space,tools,welding experience or gasifier operator knowledge.
To lend a hand working side by side with them
on there projects. Sharing building experience as well as educating them with how to operate a gasifier. I would love to do a workshop as well. I have more than enough space for a gathering and plenty of wood. If I can get 20 people together we could do the workshop sometime this fall?? You are more than welcome to come see a woodburner anytime. Let me know how I can help you BBB Sean 386-569-0636

I would be interested in such a workshop. I would hope that someone who is familiar with Mr. Keith’s design would be present as well.

Hey Sean!
Nice to see you on this board. I may need to pick your brain a little bit on my 1988 F150 with a 351w EFI. I want to force feed it a bit with a GM 3800 series blower. I know you did have or had a custom fit blower on one of your trucks.

Going up to KY tomorrow to see Chris’s truck. That should given me some motivation to push forward!
Brit in Nashville

HI Brit,
Welcome to the site!!
Long time no hear from :frowning: Glad to see your still at it. I have said it before and I will say it again forget about the blower while your learning to drive on woodgas. Your going to have your hands and mind well occupied you will
make a mistake and that’s what we don’t want. I will be more than happy to help you get your truck running in anyway I can. Once you put down 20,000 miles on wood then if you still want a blower we can talk. Really though I don’t think your going to need it. The video below is a 4cyl. ford ranger with no blower

Regards Sean

That blower on the GMC tore up that big gasifier in no time. A blower requires the gasifier to be double in size. We figured the truck couldn’t hold all that weight. We rebuilt the 1979 engine for the GMC instead of the 1988 vortec 350. That was a big mistake. Your 1988 351 should run fine. The Ranger showed a 0 to 60 mph on gasoline of 15 seconds, on wood gas it showed 36 seconds. Pretty much a 2 to 1 ratio. You might check to see how your Fords performs on an honest 0 to 60 mph test and go from there to get an indication.

My big problem in the Ranger is lack of room to carry wood otherwise I would do long trips over 200 miles. Hauling a trailer is too much drag.

Hi Brit,
Of all the videos I filmed one of them had a supercharger. The rest are all naturally aspirated systems I can go just as fast without the blower or any extreme engine modifications. The addition of the blower was just an experiment gone horribly wrong I am very lucky to here typing this message right now. If your going to supercharge a system you have to design the system for a supercharger just any gasifier won’t work. Here is another high speed video of the new f-150 I have been driving for 6 months now this truck weighs 5,500 lbs. and has a 202hp v6 with no timing advance control. Stay Safe out there Regards Sean

Hey Sean,

Great video, Thanks for posting.

The picture below shows where I have been and will be for a few more days .

Hi Sean,

I am interested in your experience with a supercharger. Any chance of getting more details on this project?


Hi Wayne,
It looks like you have your work cut out for ya. But your getting it done I hope the weather gives you a break
it’s hit or miss down here with sun and rain. BBB Sean

Good Morning Peter,

Unlike gasoline and diesel powered vehicles the wood burner has a limited supply of fuel available and a certain range it will operate in.

If you build a vehicle and supercharge it and make a gasifier to match it you could run speeds 100 plus mph.

The problem is driving the vehicle at speeds less than 70-75 mph. You would have to switch back to gasoline.
I think it is best to figure the speeds one will be driving most of the time and design around that.

If you want to experiment with supercharging and not have to drop many $ you might want to try what I did a few years back. I plumbed in a gasoline powered leaf blower in the system.


Great description Wayne I couldn’t have said it better myself

Hey Sean!
I value your opinion and am actually glad to hear I will likely not need it. I just thought my 200 hp 345 ft 351w would be too wimpy. It’s a fresh engine though, at about 1500 miles since rebuild. So now I will concentrate on getting the materials for the build.

Met with Chris in KY. Chris is a great host! We tooled around in Frankfort. It was a great experience and motivated me to start my build.


Hi Brit,
Glad you have found the site and got to meet Chris and see his truck run. I am sure we will meet up someday. Having a fresh engine to convert is a big plus just get it running and inprove as you go. Put some miles down and gain knowledge. A wise man once said to me I could build the best gasifier ever and put it in the hands of someone with no experience in gasification and it will be burnt up in a half hour. Regards Sean

Hi Wayne,

Thanks to you experienced guys taking the time to explain the hands on information that you have learned the hard way, i am understanding why some of my concepts are not feasible on WG. Much better to ask questions than fall into the famous hole!! For now, i am going to heed the advice given & get my feet wet just learning to operate a gasser in a vehicle.

Once again, thanks to everyone for the patience.