Deals on Migmaster 250 welders

In this thread, I’ll post good deals I find on Migmaster 250 welders, either L-Tec or Esab. This is the welder I use, and I love it! You will be hard pressed to outrun this welder, even on heavy materials. It has a very fine voltage scale, to dial in exactly what you need.

They usually go for $1-2,000 but occasionally I see them for less.

Here’s today’s:

Migmaster 250 L-Tec - $400 (Houston)
Used welding machine for sale. $400 or better offer.

Feel free to come take a look at your earliest convenience, we are located at 9200 Telephone Rd. Houston, TX 77075

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HI CHRIS SEANZ, next time you blow the dust out of your migmaster 250, is there any chance you could measure the main transformer,and put some picks of the inside view, The reason i am asking is i may have an ECORE wound too replace my mig weld transformer, plus before i buy another mig welder or transformer, i like too see what it is made out of.Thanks in advance

PS that looks like it might be good mig for some southern DOW welders, dont forget too inspect the transformers for overheat looking windings.

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Never heard of MigMaster. Where is it made?

It is made by L-Tec or Esab, both industrial grade machines,that one in texas wont last long at that price, if it aint all ready sold. Get there in time too pop the side cover and at least check for over heated windings too be sure its not been over used,The tig welder torch that probley come with it eats lots of amps.They are most likely much better machine then snap on mig welders, snap on mig aint nothing but a century, with snap on covers and labels,or legal cons at work.

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Remove this post when get time i have the link below for veiw of the mig unit.

This post is for a visual of this type welder ONLY do to the fact that though it rare these units can be over used / over heated.

Them are some strange looking windings of the esab main transformer.? Too bad they dont sell that transformer any more, it looks heavy duty.Yhe only outfit i know that sells heavy duty transformers is USA weld from there 2400 HTP mig welder.After asking the weight on the phone i was told they weighed 100 pounds.That migmaster that was for sale,was a great deal.

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Somebody please get this!! Best price I’ve ever seen, even without the gun. $300

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Another awesome deal at $500. Somebody go get this please!

That welder is one well made of probley the heaveyest duty cycle welder one can buy in the single phase mig welder. Nice Machine.

I know that is probley one of the good old transformer baised mig welders, i wounder if the new mig master inverter migs are made here in the us and how long before they need repairs.

Newer ones are have digital controllers, which usually is less reliable. I don’t know if they’re still transformer based. I can say, a machine that welds this good brand new will cost about 5-10 times as much. That’s why I keep posting them.

Thanks chris for posting them, i would like too get one while they are still around non electronic for a spare if my century ever goes on me,or use that one and save the century for a spare.

Solid deal, welder and 2 300 cf argon tanks for $800.

Welder needs minor repairs, excellent price!!

Hell of a deal Chris. If i needed a welder thats the brand too get while they still around. My snap on has been running cool as cool since i speeded up the fan opening up the air intake holes. Hopefully the mice wont fit through the modified air holes.

Very clean machine, OK price @ $750

I have one in beautiful shape that I bought from a very old man. I’m in Albuquerque NM. I’m contemplating selling it because of a custody battle. I love this machine. If anyone is interested feel free to contact me. 20’ power lead and a lot of consumables. 12’ torch lead.

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Looks nice, excellent price in Miami, $650

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