Desiccant dehumidification

I run my shop off the grid using a combination of solar, generator and lots of energy efficiency. I’d love to do that at home but living in the Deep South, air conditioning is a must. In order to reduce our need for AC, I’m looking into desiccant dehumidification, both dry and liquid. Anyone else play with them?

I have a friend who can get me some Calcium Chloride for a dry system. My plan is to fabricate a desiccant wheel which will be placed in the attic. Moist air will be drawn from inside the house, through the desiccant and returned to the living space much like a return air in a central HVAC system. The wet desiccant is then recharged by heat provided by solar, wood fired or waste heat from the generator coolant and/or exhaust.

This company down in Baton Rouge has a system like I’m wanting to fabricate. Just can’t afford their price. But, it shows the idea has merit.

Ideas? Observations?

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