Digging carrots in winter

Hey everyone,
I thought I’d share my winter garden chore with you all. I’ve been doing this for about 20 years now. I tried storing them in tubs of moist sand in a cool corner of the shop but I lost a lot to rot. Even 48 degrees is too warm for long storage.
I also have salsify, parsnips and leeks under the snow. Vichyssoise is on the menu next week.
Check out my dig here.

Hi Pepe, I can’t do youtube. We didn’t store many roots this year. Frost is in ground 8 to 9 feet in many places and 3 to 4 feet under where there was or still is snow. The flox and other mustards seem to be still alive as the snow and ice melt off. I’ll be fighting the woodchucks soon again. A cat I drove many miles away 2 months ago just showed up today an hour after I dropped off the trap. He’ll get bird shot next and then a real bullet. I won’t strain my back to trap him again. It’s a weird year. I hope you have been able to get up in the air this winter and look things over. Does anyone know what the transponder code was today ??? My dad designed the IFF system … Regards, Mike

Hi Mike, Here’s a few pics I took last winter. I can say I’m not a cat fan, but my wife rescued a male kitten from the side of the road last year and he is a great rodent killer so he stays. lol.
I haven’t been in the air for 2 yrs now, I spent all my play money and am waiting to sell property in Tupper Lake before I can continue. That’s pretty cool that your dad developed the Identify, friend or foe system. Transponder codes are required for all aircraft operating in class A, B, or C airspace. A mode C transponder (altitude encoder) is also required in class A, B, and C airspace so your altitude shows up on your radar blip. For all planes flying visual flight rules (VFR) the code is 1200. All other planes will be given an individual 4 number code. Squawking 7500 means you have been hijacked, 7600 means you have a communication failure (radio out), 7700 indicates you have an emergency and 7777 is a military intercept code. Take care, Pepe

i whould not have thought that they would keep that good! alot better than putting them in the freezer. i also like the idea of having people in town bag the leaves for you :slight_smile:
they have no idea of what they are wasting

Dan S., Most years we collect 200+ bags of leaves and lawn clippings and it all ends up on and then in our soil. I also over winter rye grain as a cover crop to till in before planting in the spring. Between fruits and vegetables I cultivate about an acre. I’ve been doing this for 35 or so years. Some people’s garbage is other people’s gold.