Dillons 88 f150

Hello I have an 88 f150 and I’d like to power it on wood gas. My truck currently has a straight 6 in it but it needs engine work.I figure it would be easiest to swap a running engine in to it. I was wondering if someone had opinions on what engine I should swap in.I would also appreciate advice on what sort of Gasifier I should build. I live an Area primarily dominated buy softwood( cedar, fir, hemlock, pine, spruce, etc) it would be easiest if I could proses them in to larger chunks


Hi DillonP,
Read this over:
And go onto associated links there concerning wiring harnesses/computer controllers and transmission controls, etc.
No matter which way you’d go you have a big, big job ahead of you before you even get into woodgasing.
I’ve had both the 300 six and the 302 V-8 and happy as mostly running about rigs. Better than the smaller Ranger sized. And I have hauled, carefully 2200 pounds. But they don’t tow worth . . .
And 460 guys can tow to hell and back; but they fuel-use suck.
All in all the 351W is the best compromise balance. Especially sweet if done in the rare, rare manual transmission. Hint. You find these in full sized Broncos.
But I’d just go find a different rig with a 351W already in it. Then you’d get all of the bits and pieces that will frustrate a fellow swapping converting.
Search on the DOW and been fellows woodgas done both a 460 and a 351 FI’s and read their results after woodgasing…
Steve unruh
Edited 351M to be 351W. Thanks Al.

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Thank you Steve I’ll do a little more reading and then see if I can find a 351m for a reasonable price. Where I live there is no emissions testing, so I’m planning on Changing to a Carburetor. My transmission is a manual so I shouldn’t need a computer to make it work.


I wood gassed(WK style) a 93 f150 4x4 351w, ran really well on wood. 302 and 351w are direct swap to 300 6cyl. 351m takes a different bell housing. The 351w has a lot more torque than a 302. I would highly advise you to buy the book-premium member, my complete builds are on the premium side on the site. Welcome to DOW


The 300 is a stroked 240. You can put a 240 head on the 300 and increase compression slightly. Ford dished the pistons on the 300 to help offset the increased compression ratio. Heck - I think the 240 flat top pistons would fit in the 300 but am not certain. If they did - it could result in a significant increase of compression. The Ford groups would be able to guide you. It’s been 30 years since I built a low compression 300 for an industrial application. The 300 is not a powerhouse but got the job done. By the time Ford got done detuning it for the mid 70’s smog regulations - it wasn’t all that that much more powerful than the 240. I don’t know if the 240 or 300 head or the other flows better but do know the smog cam found in the 300 certainly doesn’t help with power. The 300 was popular in industrial applications. I have seen them in brush chippers. Of note - the truck 300 has heavier duty rods than the mid 70’s van engines. I recall the industrial engines had heavier duty parts also.