Direct carbon gas generator after tire pyrolysis

Greetings. I am writing via google translator so there may be errors. I apologize in advance. To business. Yesterday I tested a once-through compact gas generator on carbon after tire pyrolysis. I got what I wanted. Carbon with a caloric value of about 7200 kcal. Ash content is about 2%. Sulfur is about 1-2%. My friend was doing chemical analysis. Due to the fact that the tires pyrolyze the semi-coking, there is still fuel oil in them and the video shows how it shoots like from a volcano. A stunning sight is a small volcano. I made a heat recovery system to heat the air and put in portions of water. Which instantly evaporated and it was displayed on the torch after 1 second. It got bigger, brighter, and much warmer. From the literature that I read on testing cross-bed gas generators, the maximum water supply can be 40% of the fuel mass. Here the other carbon is true. With a different reactivity, but the layer is much larger. Experiments with the amount of water and the thermocouple are still ahead. I think it can be adjusted for engines too. First small, then large industrial. By the way, in Ukraine, Kiev, the price of such fuel is $ 0.03 per 1 kg. And the calorie content is 7200 versus 3500 kcal for a tree. Thousands of tons have accumulated at the bases where tires are brewed. A very good alternative. I decided to share with you and maybe someone did something like that. It would be interesting to talk.


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