Discovering my freedom in Minnesota

The hazelnuts should be ready to harvest in a month from now.


Bill, looking great!

We had a load of hazelnuts this year on 3 trees. All harvested by one ilusive squirel. I never had squirel before, well, now l had :smile:


Looking great on all fronts. The bugs may be subdued a bit tomorrow, change in the weather coming…


Hi Bill, those t-shirts would probably sell better than your syrup! I did respond to an email you sent shortly after the Argos gathering but you must not have gotten it. Joanne’s dad ended up passing away in June and my own father passed away in July so these past few months have not been good to say the least. We are interested in buying some syrup from you but it may be too late this year. We will for sure put our order in before Argos next year if that is ok with you.


Wow Kevin, I’m sorry to hear that. That’s a whole lot to take in such a short period of time. I pray you all are coping well.


Sorry to hear that Kevin.


I will be keeping you and family in my prayers.


Sorry to hear that Kevin. I’m not liking 2019 lost Bev’s mom Jan 22 and mine Feb 24. Several friends since then. Just one of those years when things just seem to pile up. Just remember who is in control


Sorry to hear the sad news .

Our prayers are with you and family .


So, I had to drive into Duluth today to get some soffit and fascia from a big box store. It’s over an hour drive so I thought I would kill some curiosity I had with my birch syrup. I stopped into a farm to garden restaurant to see if they were interested. The gentleman took a sample for the owner and head chef to taste. It seems like a good potential. After getting shut down by a few other restaurants, I stopped into a brewery that’s been around since 1881. The second in command brew master was in and tasted the birch syrup and was so excited, he put it on the schedule to make a small test batch next week. He said it’ll take 3-4 weeks and will let me know when it’s done. I don’t drink but he said he’ll send me home with a growler for my friends to try. Also if it turns out, he wants to be first on the list next tapping season so they can make a big batch.