DIY Predator Parallel Kit

Ok I was down at HF getting shop supplies and lo and behold they had another 9500 watt inverter genny sitting there as a return for $1599.99. So I grabbed it. I bought the first as a return for the same price.

So anyways this weekend I was planning to set up the first one we have for woodgas and while in that process I pulled the cover to see how those parallel ports are wired inside. Turns out they wire splice directly into the 220 legs on the output. You dont even need them!!

So went down to Lowes picked up two twist lock 220 plugs, 10 foot of 4 wire cable and 50 amp 220 receptacle and matching plug for the shop side. When you combine the two cables you want this larger receptacle to get the wires to fit into the terminals of the receptacle so you dont need to splice anything. Plenty big enough, wired it all up stuffed it in the box and ready to go.

Plugged everything in and fired both of em up!! I got the green light on both and so far everything in the shop is working without issues. So then I turned and looked at that 8750 we have. hhhhmmmmmm I wonder if that is parallel capable? Ah the heck with it!!! I have five days to test it and can return the the new 9500 lol. So plugged that 8750 in and fired her up. Got the green light on both and everything worked.

So I bet you could probably run two 8750’s together. When you fire these inverter generators up, they do a little thinking before they supply power. I bet part of that is they self detect and automatically sync phase.

So next will be to set the other one up for woodgas and Ill run both in tandem of the DFX-S3 demo unit. This will be test if it can run higher displacement. Now we have power on demand and should be able to run all of our equipment on pure woodgas if we need to.


I might even add a third one to add the 8750 into the mix. Yeah I have all the power we would need running on wood gas. Thats 1220cc of engine displacement! If I could run the two off one gasifier system and then run the 8750 as needed but with a separate unit. Might be possible to run all three generators off one set up but might be a bit challenging.


It worked!!! You can pretty much tie as many together as you want as long as your wiring can handle all the amps!!


Ok after further experimentation it does seem that the 8750 is not parallel capable. However because I have the 9500 that is, it will sync with the 8750. So you must fire the 8750 up first and then the 9500. I tried a few times doing this in reverse and it would not give me the green light. But there is an exception, if I cut the breaker it will then go into the green light mode and I can then flip this breaker. But how they are synchronizing after that I dont know. So going to play it safe and always run the 8750 first and let the 9500 sync on start up.


This is so awesome!! Never before I have been able to pull this much power out our 220 Miller! Not even with those V Twin units I once built. Yeah this is how you do this!!


Cool Matt! Thanks for explanation why to tandem.

Making good business nowadays! Good to see. Fuelprices help your business :grinning:


Nice job, Matt. I am envisioning a little neighborhood power company fueled by charcoal/wood :grinning:.