DIY Tractor Repair Runs Afoul Of Copyright Law

All the more reason to keep looking for those old 9Ns . . .


Sounds like notzi law,you should report they too the creadit burrow, there is allways laws that supperceed illegle laws, It is illegle too help the poor in many of the big citys,Get ready too take the chip,and or the sunday only laws they want too pass allso,REjoys because the end is near,and the creator will judge all,weather they beleive or not.There god is money and they caint serve two masters. THANKS FOR THE UPDATE ON THE FACTS.

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My Ferguson is a great machine for a 53 but it has limits. I would say there is a magic line somewhere in the 1970’s where you get the advantages of powered steering, external hydraulics, modern implements without the drawbacks of cheap wear parts, too much electronics, sealed unserviceable components, etc. Just my opinion of course.
David Baillie

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I had a new muffler put on my wires car and in talking to the mechanic, he was saying how seldom, they get a call for a muffler. I asked, " with no muffler work and batteries running 6 to 8 years, spark plugs going 100,000+ miles and no points and condensers, how do you make any money?" He said, " electrical and computer related problem solving."TomC

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This is a serious issue that will negatively impact the consumer. Watch how this copyright law will be abused to allow the dealers to maintain a monopoly :rage: