Doing some thinking and this is what I have come up with

I am wondering can wood gas be compressed like propane into a liquid state as I am thinking if I can compress wood gas and put it into propane tanks I can use it for my trailer for heating/cooking/fridge also it could be used on a vehicle thats setup to run propane…

So can it be compressed are their compressors that will do it that are a reasonable price?

Or is my idea out to lunch?

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Below are text from the FAQ section.

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Q. Can I compress it at home and drive on compressed woodgas?

A. That would be nice! Unfortunately, woodgas is a extremely low BTU fuel - it only has 150 BTUs per cubic foot. Woodgas is used in a 1:1 fuel air mixture. Even if you compressed it to 3600psi the range of a 100 gallon tank would be less than two miles. And there’s another problem. When you compress woodgas you are forcing the molecules closer together. The free hydrogen (H2) will steal the O off of the CO, making H2O and C (water and carbon). Instead of woodgas you have soot and water vapor. This will not power an engine.

Nature has already done an excellent job of compressing this bulky fuel - it’s called wood!

I will have to come up with something else then thanks for the info…

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I should have done more research. Here is a video of running on compressed wood gas

I think he has mounted the entire system in the truck in this video

My first truck look very similar

I have done some traveling but never met him on the road