Don’t leave your mixing valve open

I’ve got one for ya…

When visiting someone, don’t leave your mixing valve open.
When you are asked to demonstrate a flare and spark is put to gas, there is a nice stoic mix right at the blowers!! (and they do a fabulous job at mixing!)
Fried one and a third blowers on that one.

Terry G, Always a grin when the flame goes back down the pipe to the blower … NOT … Actually I was showing a skeptic last July 4th and lit off the trailer and forgot about the tail light wires. That was a scramble to keep them from burning up. When my cyclone got that rot hole in it a few weeks back, the flame just went right down the pipe to the blower and the blower sure changed it’s tune. I think it is still OK but am too lazy to take it off and look at it. I will bring a spare on the trip … Mike

Hi Terry, that’s a good one! And the other way goes too… don’t forget to close the blowers off when you go to start the engine.

my blower is all metal contructed old hover vacume i have a inverter to run it i only need the one as my sys dosent need back flow =)

Excellent advice’s.
I’ve spent (wasted) too much time supping up 12 VDC motor blower solutions.
Just bought an all-metal 1990’s Kirby (Thanks Tom Collins for the reminder!) for $20 USD. It will suck the socks off anything truly with volumn and gusto. Only 730 watts at 115 VAC.
Will power up fine with an under $100. USD 1000 watt inverter.

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dont forget a light dimmer as a speed controle for the vacume thats what i have on my old metal hover the thing is constructed like a turbo with a electric motor =)