Don't reply to notifications

Just FYI guys - - you will receive many types of notifications, including emails from the site. The reply-to address is [email protected]. This comes directly to DOW headquarters, and will be answered by yours truly.

I know it’s a bit confusing when the “sender” appears to be a person you’re talking with, even by a PM. But the sender is really the website, and replies will go back to the reply-to email (if you look, it’s always [email protected])

If you reply to a PM or a notification via email, the other person won’t get the message. I will. Then you’ll get an email from me, reminding you to reply through the site.


Hi guys,

This has become an issue again. People are responding to PM notifications as if they were emails, an understandable mistake, but still very much useless. These responses bounce back to my inbox, and I am forced to either ignore, forward, or somehow deal with the message. I really don’t want to read your private mail… so stop sending it.

Going forward I’ve set up an auto-responder to handle these messages. If you’ve emailed somebody from DOW within the last few weeks, please check that it wasn’t in fact a PM notification. Also, if you PM’d someone and didn’t get a response, this may be why… just send another PM reminding them to respond.

Thanks guys!

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Hi Chris,
Actually they do look as e-mails from the person sending, not showing [email protected]
Only if i click on the name, then the [email protected]… appears

confusing indeed

Error in chrome or gmail ?

It’s a sort of “over-optimization” on the part of Discourse. In a regular topic notification, it lets you see who responded to the thread last. But in a one-to-one PM, its more confusing than helpful.

yep, an annoyance it is :grin:

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