Double gas generator

What is this type of gas generator? :thinking: Is ​​it paired? Who thinks about this?


Yup. all my systems are network capable. With my units this makes refueling on the fly easier without shut down of the engine; as you can remove any unit from the team temporarily for refueling.


It looks like the hopper is shared. Maybe it was from a company that only made one size of hearth but connected in tandem for larger engines?


Oh I believe it was real alright.
The WHY is in the pictured large rear wheel.
Splitting the hearth core allowed for a space-wights balanced machine with the least rear length.

I cannot see how this set-up could be practical to roads drive.
This one like the others with wide spaced bumper pivot mounts, can move up and down with roads variations.
Vehicle turning however that real wheel must be able to turn/pivot, caster trailing.
Otherwise, the front vehicle steering wheel must sideways drag that real wheel in a turning skid.
No power steering on this old of vehicle. Gasifier mounted this way the steering effort had to multiply tremendously. And it will only want to go straight line. Fight vehicle turning.
With the far front wheels fighting the far rear wheel; the rear vehicle drive wheels are being side thrusts loaded. In this battle it would be a real hazard to drive in heavy rains, mud and Ice&snow.

You still having some ice and snow Joni, eh.
Steve Unruh


All the snow, which was about 10 cm, melted last week and now the daytime temperature has moved to a position above zero Celsius.


It might be one of the duel fueled types. I thought the ones used in tanks in WWII could use both and it used two burn containers. -or- he has two burn chambers for a longer distance. You fill them both up and switch when one runs out of fuel. Then you aren’t stopping to refuel and getting all dirty.
But i really have no idea. :laughing:

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