DOW Driving Habits

Good morning Kevin .

It is hard to estimate how much wood I would need for six months but a cord of wood should take the dakota over 5K miles :smiley:


I think my source of hardwood slab wood = 3.5 feet round bondle by 10 feet long- for 2 bondles i could sort out the smaller stuff and still get 1-1/2 cord of wood for 120.00 bucks. probbly have the wood payed for in about 2 weeks and have 25 weeks of wood left at 60 bucks a week savings-- nice savings-- hopefully the israel war dont spread too far-then oil price could go through the roof.


I gess that means my federal cord and a half of hard wood / would last me over a year for around 120 bucks-or around 7000.00 miles- thats more miles than normal for me to drive even my vibe for two years.EXCELLENT wood miles per cord indeed,TIME to get chunking ASAP for me also.

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Johan just mentioned Alabama sunstrokes on Wayne’s V10 thread. We have nothing like that up here right now.

Last night 12 inches of wet heavy snow was dumped at us. Coming home from work this morning it had compacted down to 8 inches. I still had to back up 30 yards to pick up enough speed to plow my way into the garage with the Volvo.

I was too worn out this morning to think about vids or pics. Also, on my way home I had problems on and off with the gasifier air inlet under the car getting plugged with snow. This video is from last night DOWing to work when it just started snowing.


JO, I see you are driving nice and slow on the first snow of the year. Very smart, I do the same thing. Others don’t and end up off the road and into a snow bank. Next week we might see what you are experiencing right now.


Nothing special about this video . It is just a short clip of daily DOW


A lot of water has run under the bridge from the time I made this video . It is just over 12 years and I am driving the truck for honey do jobs today :slightly_smiling_face:

A lot of wood has gone through the truck but that avoided a lot of gasoline :smiley: .


Wayne, I just love that video of the 1995 V-10 Dodge Ram pulling your big trailer down the road and the walk around. Yes, many gallons of gasoline has been used since then, but not by your truck. DOW


75 seconds 0-65 pulling that big ass trailer. Pretty impressive. Could you do that on Gasoline for a comparison?


Hello Mr. Tom and thanks for the comment.

The speedometer has been out on the old truck for several years now but I already know gasoline will make the truck go on down the road !
But I just can’t afford the stuff :disappointed:


It has been a while since I drove the Dakota but I did find an excuse to put a few miles down this morning .


Just a typical day out running errands with the wood burner . The road is too narrow and crooked to use much throttle but I can give it a little going up the hills.


Mr. Wayne, I apologize for asking this question, as I know you have said it a hundred times, well, however: do you have a vacuum reading directly before the throttle body and how much does the resistance reading show - the vacuum created by your gasifier system, filter, refrigerator and mixing chamber?
Thanks, Tony.


Good morning Sir Tone .

I have 3 locations where I measure the vacuum.
1 In the piping between the hay filter and motor throttle.
2 Between the hay filter and gasifier.
3 Fuel hopper.

An example if all is well driving at a cruise speed on level road 50-60 mph . I would expect to be using about 1/4 throttle and showing a vacuum reading of about 10-12 inches of water at gauge #1 , Gauge #2 should read about 5-6 inches showing the hay filters resistance of 5-6 inches . Gauge #3 should read 1-2 inches showing the resistance of the char bed .


Thank you for the quick reply Mr. Wayne, when I did a vacuum measurement on my tractor, the pressure gauge showed at point 1 also more than 40 inches, well, under normal load approx. 15-20 inches, obviously your system has more flow with less resistance, well , I am also very satisfied with the performance of my tractor, and you also have a lot of merit, for which I am grateful.


I shook some dust off this old video to post .
This day 10 years back.
Taken Apr 9 2014