DOW hats & shirts

Here’s the scoop on Drive On Wood hats and shirts. We’re making these primarily for Argos attendees, and if they get me size details (and some money) there WILL be a shirt/hat for them. There will also be several extras for sale on-site.

We will have the leftovers for sale via mail order (see below). They will be sold slightly higher, and you’ll have shipping too. When they’re gone they’re gone, unless we decide to make more. Your next shot at them will be the 2014 meetup, or you can order something from CafePress (below)


Here’s what you get.


See photo #1. Screenprinted tee with the DOW logo. Black with one color orange shirt. All sizes available, let me know in advance so I can order correctly. $8 at Argos.


See photo #2. We’re getting embroidered hats with the same logo as the shirt. Black with orange stitching. $10 at Argos.

How to get them.


After Argos:

I’ll update this as we get closer. For now, any leftovers will be sold via mail, $15 per shirt and $20 per hat. $5 shipping in the US, $15 international.

Let me know if you want one and won’t be coming to Argos. You still get to reserve a size if you sign up through the form above by the deadline. Afterwards, no guarantees.


Completely separate: There are also some products available at CafePress with the Drive On Wood logo.

View the logo on their products here:; also a black hat here:

The way CafePress works is very simple. We upload the logo, and they fulfill the orders. When you order something they print it and ship it (we never see it). You can order all kinds of stuff like coffecups and bookbags, mousepads, tshirts, etc. If you want a coffee cup, order it from them, don’t ask me for one.

While we will run out of the black shirts and hats from the bulk order, you will always be able to order from CafePress. Their stuff is not as cheap as a bulk order, but it’s very convenient.

I would definitely pick up a hat (black) and coffee mug in Argos if available. I like the logos you have, but then again I am easily impressed!

Morning ChrisKY
I’d like one of the hats in black also. Logo insert looks just fine.
On the the other items is there any way to work in a small www. or http:// prefix and a .com suffix to didrect the intersted to here on the D-O-W?
Doesn’t say - is this shirt available in black or grey?
Steve Unruh

I’m not into bookbags much, and I NEVER bought a $12 coffee mug in my life, but I like the hat. Black T-shirts would be a sure thing, they would.

Chris would you send postal if ordered ? would like hat t shirt.

Put me down for a hat Chris
Don M


I’m in for a hat as well, and for a t-shirt, to make the shipping worth while… (both should be black and XXL… hats are mostly “one-size-fits-all”, right? For me that normally is “one size too small…”).

Best regards,


Yup, I’ll take a DOW hat.


Chris, You had better bring your violin along so we can do the dueling fiddles :o) … I plan to bring my better violin and a viola. I’m trying to get the truck together but am sick again. I got 100, doxycycline 100mg tabs from my vetinary friend today … This Lyme thing is a bit_h … Working my ars off these days … Got caught in the slush / rain today … My equipment is drying out … I might be interested in an XL shirt … See you in a few weeks, God willing, Mike L

Hello Chris,

Put me down for …
T shirts 1 XL and 2 XXL
Hats 3

To be picked up at Argos

Thank you.

Richard Craig
Wood Hawg

Thread has been straightened up (not your posts, mine!) Please see the first post for all info on tshirts and hats. I’ll just post a reminder, the link to the spreadsheet where I’m trying to keep up with reserved items:

Check if your name is on there, make sure it’s correct, see the total you owe and get a check or Paypal to me. Corrections questions, please contact me:

Bump. Get in here quick if you want it to happen! Deadline is the end of this month (April 30).

I will get my check mailed this weekend. Thanks Chris.

Bump… time is running out! Need to place the order by April 30th. Get yours reserved.

Hey ChrisKY
Will these be with the original “Drive On Wood” wording proposal?
Or, as the one fellow received, DOW on the hats and HWWT in the Tee shirts?
And for us not attending Argos needing shipping, the added cost?


Details and photos are in post #1.

Yes, Neil got a hat and shirt with DOW / HWWT lettering. Anyone is welcome to go that route. But the main batch will be exactly as in the first post.

After Argos we’ll be mailing them out. You’re already on that list.

Chris, I need a XXL shirt and a hat. Can Carl pick it up at Argos or would it be easier to ship it. As much as I hate it, I’m not sure I will be done by May 17th. That would be a heck of a birthday present for me. I’m going to try like the dickens.


No problem Chris, I can give it to Carl. I’m all for wood powered t-shirt delivery. :slight_smile:

Bump. Tommorow is the cutoff for ordering! Are you on this sheet?

If you’re not, let me know how many of what size, so we can get this wrapped up.

Contact me:

OK! Tshirts are ordered. I got plenty of extras, so don’t worry too much if you missed the cutoff. You can still reserve yours if you like. At Argos it’s first come first serve - after the pre-orders are filled.

We’re getting:

M: 10
L: 20
XL: 30
XXL: 50
XXXL: 20

Total: 130