DOW is Down

Just a reminder to everyone, if and when the site goes down temporarily for whatever reason, I will post site status messages to this email list:!forum/driveonwood

Subscribe if you like, and set it to “individual emails” - there won’t be many messages, ideally there’d be none.

I just get wall’o’code… Opera Mobile (ver. 12.10.*, set to ID as desktop version) on an Andriod tablet.

Looks like that (old) version of Opera isn’t working with Google Groups. Maybe try a different browser?

You shouldn’t need the web interface more than once, so maybe just set it up on a computer.

Updated Opera to the newer Chromium version so I now effectively have 2 versions of Chrome on this tablet. :stuck_out_tongue: Works now.

Hello all,

The site has been having severe connection issues since 12am last night. Best we can tell this is a system wide fluctuation with the internet provider. Sometimes it loads, mostly not.

Hang tight, this should sort itself out soon. (?)

EDIT: still having issues as of 3/20/14 12:48pm EST. If anyone reads this please respond or post somewhere. Oddly enough all the “website down” checkers are reporting the site is up. Proxies cannot connect though.

Interesting that I’m able to post this - suppose because I’m on the same WAN / internet provider. Their internal network is fine, problem is further up the pipeline. Very strange!

It is 12:45 PM 3/20/2014 and this is the first time today I could log into the site

Thanks Don. Maybe they’ve fixed it, or are about to.

I got thru just now

OK, I’m calling it fixed - for now. Thanks guys!

Chris, I will call on the twisted pair … Mike

Hi gang,

Having issues at our end. There seems to be a regional outage, some people have access and some people don’t.

Hopefully we’ll have this resolved within 24 hours. Thanks for your patience!


It seems I can access with my droid but not my laptop, if that helps.

Fine for me here in central Iowa on iPhone!!

I can only get on from certain browsers. After some updates I ceased having issues. Its possible that while the web service was updated during the outage. I just rolled out some updates out on a web application I wrote last year for our Electric Bill of Lading. The security update had similar effects on our users. Browser updates remedied the issue as some security updates did not match web service requirements. Hope this helps anyone still having issues.

Seems to be an ISP specific DNS issue

Chris, I sent that last email prematurely it would appear. Using my ISP (T-Mobile) DNS I cannot access the site - by URL or I.P. Address. This could mean that T-Mobile is now blocking the site for whatever reason? They have been known to do that.

Using various VyprVPN proxy locations (Los Angeles, CA, Sterling, VA, Austin, TX) and their DNS I can access the site fully with no issues.

Bill, your android worked but not your laptop? Who is your cellular carrier and what ISP is your laptop connected to (AT&T, Comcast, etc)

Maybe we’re on the radar and big brother is trying to squash the movement?


I have Verizon. I wasn’t sure if it’s the carrier or the operating software.
I doubt we’re on big brother’s radar yet. Five years maybe? There are a lot of bright and innovative people on this site… It could happen. :slight_smile:

Frankfort plant board has confirmed that they know what the problem is, and a solution is in the works. I expect the site to come back live around midnight tonight. Apparently their lead tech is home dealing with “a nontrivial family issue” .

Thanks again for being patient guys.


Thanks Chris!
Able to log in with computer now

Actually I was able to log in on my work computer but now that I’m home, I can’t log in. I have Comcast internet at both locations. Weird.

Site is back online as of now. Thanks for your patience!