Dr Winiarski's gasifier

Dr Larry Winiarski sent me this email:

Hi Chris

I recently taught Aprovecho Research Institute how to make this gasifier using a few tricks I picked up from my visits to Wayne Keith. I hope the pictures forwarded to you can be put on driveonwood. Thank you and Wayne! I designed this to go together with very minimal welding.

God Bless


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From: Abe Mooney
Date: Tue, Jul 3, 2012 at 2:25 PM
Subject: gasifier success

Hi folks,

Attached are some pictures of the gasifier stove that we burned today.
The flame continued without any problem. We even tried to boil some
water, before we ran out of fuel. We are ready to try a WBT next
week, though we need to decide how much time to put into improvements
before then.

Thanks for all your help Larry.

Happy Independence day everyone!


Abraham Mooney
Aprovecho Research Center

Hmmm, the inventors of the rocket stove heading into gasification? While I -woodgasser pur sang- love the simplicity of a rocket stove. I am implementing the technology into our wood stoves and range cooker with very good emission results.
I even gave away my offset smoker, because a rocket is much more versatile and fuel efficient. And it runs on wood instead of charcoal.

Still, the woodgaser in me likes this seeming simple woodgasgenerator. Got a sketch, Chris?


No further info, that’s all he sent me. Looks interesting though!

Hi all,
I couldn’t help myself had to post this water stove video. We were trying to improve woodstove tech with gasification I would call this a home run.
This company replaced there LP heating system with wood. One load is 1000pounds average 3000 a day in winter. BBB Sean

Pretty interesting video I heat my house and shop with a gasifier
I’ll post some pics if anyone is interested
I made my fire tube like a maze so the fire goes down thru a 1"/9" nozzle then back to one side then drops down and back to the other side before it goes to the heat exchanger it should have a starter stack but i just leave the door open for 2 minutes then i shut the door and the smoke goes away in about 30 seconds

Hello, I would be interested in seeing more on the design of your gasifier Thomas. Looks very interesting.

i’ll try some better pics and this week end i’ll make a drawing

Hi Chris and Dutch John

Actually started gasifier experiments after the Arab oil embargo in 1970’s. After my wife died in 1979. my mission was to raise my young sons and try to develop simple technology for developing countries. l concentrated mainly on this and less on gasification ,Iwhich I believe that it is too “finicky” and complicated for the very poor to make themselves… I developed the rocket stove principles in 1981 these have been relatively succssful around the world. I fouled up the 1965 pickup and only recently got it to run again thanks to the product “SEA FOAM,” new pushroads and the mechanical wisdom of a couple of friends. Now I defer to Wayne Keiths experience. I think that Wayne’s idea to capture the waste heat from his exhaust system i s brilliant. (this means one does not need to burn up as much fuel to make gasly. Next time I plan to capture all the heat I can including cooling racks and exhaust and build a better reduction zone.

God Bless


So what is a rocket stove? I’ve heated with wood for years and years and years, but how do you heat with wood gas? Is this what you meant, that you will heat heat your house with wood gas?
John S

Larry and Thomas Thanks for posting.

John S,

Just Google rocket stove or have a look at the many YouTube video’s.

Dr. Winiarski,

For heating only purposes, a true woodgasgenerator is an overdone methode. For heating purposes the gas does not have to be that clean and cumbersome handmade small fuel can be skipped. I consider a rocket the best combination of simplicity, efficiency and clean emissions.

Heat recovery makes a gasifier more fuel efficient and produces a richer gas up to a certain level (but note the 20-80 rule). It is not necessary for tar-free gas. Heavy insulation of the hearth and prevention of heat sinks in the hearth is crucial for tar-free gas. At least for Imberts. Mr. Wayne uses a different methode, but in fact he insulates too.

In case you are interested: a fellow Dutchman has dedicated his time for further developing rocket stove technology. For example the ordinary J-tube rocket emissions can be greatly improved by just adding a piece of steel sheet to channel secondary air. The man uses Testo equipment to verify his experiments. Open source knowledge. He is now testing larger burn chambers combined with a heat riser. So far with excellent results. If you want so, I could arrange contact between the two of you.


hope this doesn’t detract from the thread, but since rocket stoves were mentioned, here i just wanted to share this link for the “rocket stove mass heater” that the wife and i have been giving some serious thought to for the last half year or so:
the fellow claims he’s dropped his wood usage dramatically.

I have built a rocket mass heater in the past and the claims hold true. Before adding any mass, It would easily glow the top half of a 55 gallon drum and had virtually no smoke. It would do this on a ridiculously small amount of wood. I fabricated a successful gravity feed system that worked unattended with wood pellets. My near goal is to change the feed hopper to more of a down draft gasifier design to allow the use of wood chips from my local tree service. That is what led me to the gasification sites. This looks to be a great group.

Lots of great topics since I’ve been gone!

Dr. Larry Winiarski, I’m a huge fan. Great to have you on board!
I’ve been a fan of rockets for years! I’m going on my 4th year heating this fall!

Terry, now I know how you get so much done. You literally light a fire under your _$$ !

Don M

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Dr. Larry has been over several times the last few years.

I didn’t realize we had a celebrity here

Gustavo Peña sent me these photos of his work with Dr Winiarski:

I found this video and didn’t know where to put this,
There’s some good craftsmanship going on here.


Amazeing craftmanship! lll never complain on not haveing the propper tools agen!