Drive On Wood 2.0 - MOVE IS IN PROGRESS

Drive On Wood is moving! We’re going to be switching to new web software at the end of March.

What you need to know:

  • Keep posting. All your existing posts will be moved over. Your account will be moved as well. Passwords will need to be reset, and profile pics re-uploaded.

  • The new forum will be powered by Discourse, a modern discussion platform. Tons of new features. It’s pretty slick! You can try out the software here:

  • The non-forum bits will be on a secondary site, powered by Mezzanine. This means the resources, learn section, free downloads, front page, and the Premium / Construction area.

  • Premium members will (for now) have two accounts, one on each site. Single login is in the works. Non-premium members won’t need a login for Mezzanine, just Discourse.

  • The transition will take place around the end of March. It was planned to be earlier but what can I say… we’re behind schedule. It will still happen though!

  • There will be a few days outage while we make the move. You’ll be able to view the site (I think) but posting will be disabled. We have to “stop the tape” somewhere, so that it can be moved. Updates will be posted to the mailing list, subscribe if you haven’t yet:!forum/driveonwood

Personally I’m pretty excited about the move, it’ll solve several longstanding issues with the site, and make it much easier to improve things in the future. There’s a few bumps ahead, but nothing we can’t handle. Thanks for your collective patience while we make this happen!

I should also mention that all the posting difficulties we’ve seen over the past few months will disappear once we make the switch. Rejoice! The end is nigh.

Hey Chris, I hope the gang will take up a collection and send me a new computer with the new windows and the new browsers and the such as more than likely my wood burning computers won’t work on the new site … I will need a phone modem in that computer as well … I haven’t seen any lately anywhere … No DSL here and no cable and no broadband and a forest to the south AND NO MONEY to spend on all that stuff anymore anyway … I haven’t made squat since last year … No 4G here either … Party on with youtube and all that stuff … I’m lucky to be walking … Our 26yo daughter just boarded the plane for Abudabi and then China … She’s going to be teaching hinglish at a university around 4 hours north of Shanghai for the next year … Had lunch with her yesterday and drove 140 miles through a snow storm to get back here. I hope the new site will work OK with what I have as I can see “we” have saturated your friend’s server … I’m really glad we have had it as this is probably the last woodgas site left that I can access ?? … Regards, … Mike L

I will bring a comp for you that is collecting dust in my basement to Argos. if you do not get one by then. It is a decent comp.

This just got bumped way up in the queue. Transfer will happen either today or within a few days. As a reminder, posting will be interrupted while we switch. Hang tight!

I recently posted on DOW 2.0 with a number of pictures in one swallow without trouble. Since I saved text and pictures for that, I’ll reload later. It was 105 degrees inside the work garage yesterday. I’ll get that snow off the roof yet.

Wow, go Chris Go!

That is a huge bump, like by a month,… something must have lit a fire 'neath his arse? Get it fire, Woodgas, HA! (I kill me…)

Doug’s just showing off now, 105? Wow, maybe I should bring my truck over and fix that power steering pump inside where its warm? How high and wide is your overhead door? :Q

It’s a timing issue… I’m not the priority here, but if there’s time we’ll make it happen. Looks like there’ll be time. I haven’t heard back yet, so probably not today. But soon!

105 degrees? Wow Doug what were you wearing, - just your straw hat?

EWW! Don, that was a picture I didn’t want to see. Now I need the brain bleach!

I had the same numbers in my shop to guys it started at 0 went to 1 ended at 5 almost spring yah.

Don, amazingly didn’t notice the temp until my hand felt mid August full sun exposed fender effect. Then I turned on a high wall mounted furnace fan to blow the hot air away from the truck and pick up my warm Subway sandwich off the floor. Wife keeps the house at 62 on natural gas. This is just like coveting ice cream as a kid, don’t care now. Now it’s heat in winter.

Hi Chris, Had troubles downloading firefox with my laptop on wifi so I got on the library machine and downloaded straight to my flash drive in a few seconds … Of course the install WIPED out all of my bookmarks … I used to keep a backup on one of my websites but they are gone … Starting over at over 60 … I hope I can look at your test pages now … I think I’m on version 36 now … Mike

Chris, I went back through this list and looks like you removed your test links … Danks … M
Maybe I can upload pictures now ??? mmmmm

Emailed ya Mike.

[This got buried in the first post.] Website updates will be posted to the backup mailing list, I highly recommend you subscribe if you haven’t yet:!forum/driveonwood.

No word yet from my IT buddy but it should happen sometime this week. Once he gets me a data dump we’ll proceed with the move.

Posting will be turned off at 5 PM. This site will be read-only after that.

We’re starting the move tomorrow. Follow along with the email group (above) if you want updates. Thanks!

Well that SUCKS !!! I can only run the new browser in my trailer and I don’t live there. My office is too cold to work in yet … Good luck with the transition … I understand that kind of stuff … C ya soon … Mike

PS, you 20 something year olds think it’s normal … Soylent Green … It’s people … :o) …