Drive on Wood in North Korea?

I was just watching a doco and got 2 minutes in and this sped by!- I grabbed a screenshot. 2mins 15 sec


Looks like he may have lost his lid :roll_eyes:


I’ve seen a couple other videos of North Korean gasifiers, they all seem to operate open top like a FEMA stratified downdraft. I’m surprised they didn’t get plans from some of the better Soviet gasifiers.

I’m also surprised they still even use them, because from what I’ve read North Korea is heavily deforested nowadays due to poor land management. I guess when only the military gets to drive trucks they can use up all the other resources too.
Hard to say how well they work but I’d assume if they look like a FEMA they glue the valves just like a FEMA.


Yeah I saw that same documentary too! Must be youtube’s algo recommending stuff


Well if they let the smoke out the top, they’re wasting some potential fuel, but I wonder if they’re onto something for eliminating the need to process or catch the tar.


I feel sorry for the people that ride in the back of the koren gasifier trucks and loading the wood. Ugck, choff, coffchouk smoke in the eyes burning.


I watched that video a couple times, then I saw I already “Liked” it and subscribed to the channel a while ago… Ha. :thinking: I thought it looked familiar, anyway, I saw one truck in the video with an Imbert-like cover on the “hopper”. I saw one segment where there was intermittent smoke, then invisible flame, then smoke whooshing out the top. It is almost like they are somehow blowing air into the gasifier while the engine is running???Very strange indeed. Bob is right, Too Much Smoke! (Gag) :face_with_head_bandage: They also seem to be just throwing in large chunks of firewood size limbs, even green wood? I am going to watch it again, morbid fascination.


The Hermit Kingdom plays it close to the vest, but I’ve heard estimates that thee might only be about 30,000 vehicles in the entire country. From what I see on YouTube, North Korea most certainly is the worldwide leader in percentage (and probably total number) of gasified vehicles. It would be cool to see one up close.


I have not seen this video before today. I don’t see any new photos, but perhaps some additional information.

Also, here is a link showing a photo with a closer view of a gasifier than I have seen before.


Cool video Steve. I did find it amusing that charcoal is considered synthetic.