Easy build two pass filter

This filter took about 3 hours to build. It should work with most filter media.

Hi Dave, I saw this post a while back but my milk can filter works OK, but with my fan mounted to it the braze failed from the vibration. I like your 2 pass design and will borrow the design if you don’t mind. I am using pine needles in mine and on my FEMA burn they worked well at trapping tar.

Pepe; My filter is outside 16" X 54" long the inside tube is 8" X 48" long. Have fun with it.
Brass work hardens from vibration, use it only if you must.

That is pretty much how I built my filter. But my flow is reverse of yours. gas enters into the outer portion to be further condensed and then up through the media and then out. I use a burlap sack for easy media replacement and my unit is little smaller.