Electric Super Charging Small Engines

Ok I am getting repeating results from super charging the Predator 420 cc generator on charcoal, using the Amtek blowers.

However in order to do this you need battery storage. In my case Im using the RV power to run this blower and the generator is charging this bank at a fixed amperage / voltage. When I need more power and for instance running my welder at my normal settings I can achieve this setting if I run this blower. If I want even more I can shut off the battery bank charger. The power is still coming from the generator fueled from charcoal.

I could automate this using a senor to read the governor. When the genny loads down this will fly open and I could electronically switch on this blower and disconnect when the sensor no longer reads the governor. For oscillating high loads this is perfect as it will be more efficient than just running a larger generator. This way you have power on demand :fire:


So it looks like you have two of those blowers. So the normal operation is the fan on the producer and the engine sucks the result in. You have added a fan on your filter unit too?


The one on the unit is the start up blower. Its off for this and not used other that to start the unit.

The other one, is the external blower system I offer. It is built on the pancake filter foundation, so it does have its own filter to keep the blower clean. However, here Ive adapted to by removing the flare cup and attaching a quick disconnect so I can attach a hose from it to the carb.

I am also using a speed control. Right now Im playing with it plugged into the generator and I do think it is making a little more power. With it getting power from the batt bank then I dont have that initial overhead of the blower motor. So I get all that power and I think its around 400 / 500 watts. So that is quite a bit considering this thing is around 2500 to 3000 watts normally on woodgas.


Could you use your electric blower, plus a speed control, to throttle the engine? Do away with the butterfly. Not to say that there is any practical reason to do this.

That would run away during idle. Never mind.

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Matt i think you could make one of these to boost power Bolt-on drum charger boosts motorcycle power and torque up to 25% - at a fraction of the cost of a turbo