Employment in Mason, MI

I figure that this site has some of the smartest talent and most innovative people in the country so it gives me a good place to put out this information. If this is a violation of forums rules please feel free to delete this post.

The company I work for is currently seeking a 3rd shift maintenance tech. The starting wages are around 60-80k per year with full benefits, payed vacations, large Christmas bonuses and monthly gain sharing/profit sharing pay. I have been working here for a few years now and it really is a decent place to work. We work on a rolling schedule 6pm to 6am 3 to 4 days a week. Every other weekend you will get fri, sat sun off. Overtime is available to those who want it.

The job is skilled trades and requires you to be able to troubleshoot electrical and mechanical problems as well as supply your own tools. Any college degree or tech school degree is a plus. On the Job exp is excellent. Knowledge of hydraulics, pneumatics and steam are required.

Again, this job is located in Mason, Michigan. Training will most likely be provided by yours truly.

Please send an e-mail to [email protected] if you are interested, Again, I hope i did not break any rules by posting here.

Hi Joseph, I hope “they” won’t dump this one as there are a few people that I can think of in your general area that may be interested. I would love to see Michigan get back on it’s feet again … My daughter lives in Hickory Corners near Kalamazoo right now. I read your bio … I’m glad you started with an imbert type … I could never work that shift but some people like it … Regards, Mike LaRosa … Linden, Wisconsin and waiting for winter to end … :o) …