Engine for sale

If you live in Norther Ontario and are looking to experiment with a Diesel engine for dual fuel or spark ignition conversion I have a deal for you.

See this engine in the left photo?
Its in my shed and I have never done what I intended to with it other than a low lever blue print.( yes the actual engine in this photo water cooled electric start DM10 with 102mm bore and 116 stroke )
I have a spare cylinder head, valves wet liner injectors and pumps, gaskets and most of the parts you would need for several rebuilds.
Nearly enough parts to build a second engine and still more parts.
I even used to supply parts to a few other owners of the big Peter clones.

Its all must go now however.

FYI the company that is advertising this did not build that engine. ( I never heard of them before )
It was built by Anand engine in 2005 before the ban.


Reminds me of the old lister engines but they are air cooled not water cooled. Looks interesting but thankfully you are too far away and I have too many projects already…

Hi Wallace
thats a one of a kind rare find heavy duty looking unit.I bet that would make a good generator engine on a small emount of veggi oil, would run for hours, or change too spark ignition for charco power. Are deisel engines cast chank shafts or are they forge steel crankshafts. ??were those engines made very many years? Nice find.

What I have is a PHW-1 clone that is bored and stroked.
Really its not 10 hp as built because of the displacement increase.
It was imported years ago as a replacement engine for the mining industry and that idea did not take off after the crash in 09.

This engine is water cooled with a replaceable wet liner

Mine was special ordered back in the day to use the same parts as the KOEL DM-10 so parts would be easy to get, I just added the electric start option.

I’d like to see it go to a good home.
Failing this it will be donated to the local high school as a teaching tool.

Yes it has a steel crank and full oil lubrication and not TRB like a cheap unit.
I even have a spare crank but its suffered from rust damaged from a decade of storage,
Could still be used if polished, but if I wanted it to be used again I would consider having it rebuilt.
I think I have 3 or 4 sets of complete replacement bearings for the machine too.

Yes it is still made.
These will probably still have parts made in 50 years.
They are very common in Africa and India, middle east.


Any offer will be considered.
I am trying to save this from the scrap yard or an unfitting end at the ends hands of kids.

Is there a genetator on that motor, dont rush selling it some one will have much more than scrap once they see the unit, i am in middle of rebuilding my transportation, or i would offer money.

I would love to add it to my collection but distance and a border between us would make it tough.

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Where abouts are you Wallace? I’m near Bancroft.

I have a Chinese ST-5 I was going to keep.
I could be talked out of that.

I also have a nice radiator for it.

Right now the engine is sitting wrapped in plastic and oiled up since it was stripped cleaned and looked over.
The flywheel is not on to make moving easier.

I have flat belt and pulleys as well as a flywheel adapter that mounts a drive shaft.
All kinds of useful stuff that goes with it.


I have too many projects at this time though whats the story or spec on the st-5 chineese motor type and size. Heading out too peice my 3.4 chevy motor down in the cradle once the stretch head bolts get hear.I am not a big fan of chineese repleica out come . crashed economys.Then now i just learned that the motor in my 04 pontiac is built in shanhi china allso. Fine bounch of sloosers at the capital last 40 years.

Hi Wallace, I am interested and am in shipping distance. How do we get in touch? I am planning some demonstration energy production for small to mid scale farms and this could be a useful component for my projects.

I have a couple of messages in my email that I have not answered because its hard for me to let things go even though I know I have too…

The thing about a still born project is it sits there reminding you for years of what happened.
It forces you to think real hard about what is folly.


Good, learned sentiment, this last Mr Wallace.
I’ve learned too . . . .
some things to keep . . . most things to pass-onto-others and take the recovery money’s and put it forward into something that I can and will now do.
In the end, since we really cannot take these things with us, better to have them with our own control put out for working use.
I’ve helped set up some went-on estate sales. Sad. Sad. Sad.
tree-farmer Steve unruh


Engine given away.
Gave to a fellow locally who intends to build a generator and pump combination for his cottage.
Others were interest in it but shipping costs exceeded the value.
Parted with some saws and engines too these last few months

I have this awful habit of going to auctions putting in low bids on things no on things.
Then ending up with things I fix but do not actually use and have to part with again…
That means more stuff followed me home in spite of best intentions to clear space in the shop this summer.


So, you want to run an engine on woodgas. I have just the engine that you need. It goes up for auction in 3 days and, I bet it goes cheap.