Everyday carry what's in your pocket and vehicle

We are a very diverse group what we carry with us or close to us varies. I’m hoping for surprises here because well we’ve gone global.
Depends on what our vocation is and background uncles, aunts, especially grandpa and grandma. Not to rule out the old person who put up with all the questions and ultimately made us who we are. Mostly my everyday carry is in my head.


Like most others here, in the past; it depended on who I was, what mostly I was doing.
Now . . .
Pocketed shirts always, so: left shirt pocket my flip cell phone. My wife’s ear-puller.
Right shirt pocket it has been now a flat bottle of hand sanitizer. The two little girls trained now me squirting their hands before door entry into any public places. Re-squirting after coming out before into the vehicle. Oh. And a grey disposable (used many times) face mask for me stuffed on top of the sani-bottle.
Left front pants pocket: key bundle of 12. Four vehicle. Gates. Bicycle cable lock. Safe. Gun locker. And a FireSteel set.
Loose change left front pants pocket bottom loose.
Right front pants pocket: 10 foot mini-steel tape. Does round diameters on the back side.
Plastic Pill bottle from a pharmacy. Varies what it carries. A few good luck pistol cartridges’ loose in the bottom. Snot rag goes on top in this pocket.
Left rear pants: my billfold. Id cards, membership cards and such.
Right rear pants pocket the real folding carry money. Flat bi-folded; no clip.
Belt: my Leatherman Wave multi-tool. For decades I carried a Victorinox Golfer Swiss pocketed. Great tools: cork screw, scissors, the can opener; a check writable mini-inkpen. Terrible knife steel. Just rough grind as micro-serrated. A red Bachelors chick-magnet.
Then for years I went single blade liner lock Case pocket knife. Great knife blade steel. An auto mechanics sharp finger. Gasket cutter. Tap-in wedge-pry. Scraper. Hole borer.
But it was the really useable Leatherman pliers and wire cutters that made me switch. Ha! And been days I used every single tool on it. Stihl forestry MS240 weed eater out-and-back with a carboned clogged spark arrester. Leatherman fixed.

All’s this why I wear suspenders too. I’ve been pants and beltline much heavier at time in the past. Maybe again, eh.
Steve Unruh


My Zero Tolerance knife that dad gave me
My vape, spare batteries and juice(I 3d printed the battery case)
My FNP-9 plus three magazines, 9MM +P 115Gr HPs
Keys with my pen light
I love the Red Kap pants they supply at work.


No need to examine his teeth, just check his pockets for positive identification.


Haha Mr Steve, your suspenders must be made out of logging cables :smile:

Im not nearly as equipt. Phone on my right front pocket, a lighter and a knife on the left. Thats always the configuration. When l go out, add a wallet in the back pocket.


Ha! Ha! No not logging cable suspenders. Loggers jeans. These have the good pockets. A bigger butt-bucket being high rise with a back yoke panel.
The suspenders re-newed annually with a new pair of just-right 1 1/2" (38mm) wide Welches brand.

You do remind me I need to replace the little cricket LED light I’ve been keeping split ring attached to the Stanley 10’ measuring tape. Works slick with the tape measure palmed and the cricket light between the fore finger and thumb.
A year ago early COVID, a young lad watching our girls get gifts from their Mommy was hurting, needing. Ha! No more easy pocket knife to give up to him. He got my last tape-light combo. He was very happy.
BOTH of these been very hard to find with the stores in COVID lock outs.
A little bit’o’light is a real, true, ass saver.
I have the wife keep hers on on her keys bundle. 4-5 years and still on the same battery for her. 1-2 coin batteries a year for me.
Ha! I knew I been missing something!!


On the day I retired I took off my watch and never checked the time again. When it gets light I go out and do something until I’m tired and then I come back in. I have a trac-phone cell phone strictly for when my wife or I go out into the world for supplies. Other than that I don’t turn it on. Pisses a lot of people off that think they should be able to get hold of you are a moments notice. In my pockets I carry a folding utility knife because I can buy a hundred double edged blades for about 12 bucks and am always razor sharp. I carry a couple of sharpies because there is always something that needs marking. There will occasionally be an odd bolt, nut or screw. Keys just hang out of the truck ignition. Do me a favor and steal the piece of crap.


When my grandpa and dad worked on the Interstates in NC in the 60s and 70s he would work from Can to Can’t. Can see to Can’t see.

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Kristijan, I still have the knife you gave me at Argos 2 years ago that you could not take back with you on the plane. Reminds me often of the good times we had that year.


Gerber multi tool or locking folder, phone, wallet, keys 1 car, 1door lock, 1 padlock that fits all my locks. Money.
In car: pump, tire plug kit(nails in tires are an occupational hazard), ratchet straps, tow cable( rarely used for me but used at least once per winter) charge cable for phone, charged USB charge a phone battery, blankets in winter, whatever misc tools I needed in the last week kids books and some colouring things…


For in my pockets or on my person I have a few things. I have scaled down a little from what I used to carry.
Front left pliers pocket: Winchester multitool.
Front left regular: Lighter, small flashlight, valve core remover, air chuck, 1/2" drive socket to drill adapter, t-25 torx bit, and a swiss army knife.
Front right pliers: Two pairs of vice grips.
Front right regular: Saw wrench, three sharpies, three pens, three flashlights, snot rag, and a handful of change.
Back right: Wallet
Back left: Phone
On my Belt/ beltloops: Key ring (with spares for all Dakotas, shop keys for mine and other shops), Four tractor pins, carabiner w/ a roll of black tape, two belt knives (one for dirty work, Mechanic, woodgas etc; One for clean work, farming, butchering.), Radio between rest of family.
On my neck I have two pair of earplugs one set of plastic for fast use, the other foam for long time use usually used when running equipment.
I usually have a baseball cap and a pair of sun glasses with me as well.

My truck usually has a full toolbox on it, plus a few bags of wood, a few bottles of water under the seat, ratchet straps, bungie cords, CD’s, phone charger most of the time, a chain often, rain gear, a few basic parts for the truck, and a jack and tire tools. I also have a backpack that goes with me places with a little food, some water, an extra set of clothes, and a first aid kit. Usually have a long gun I the truck as long as I am not leaving the state.


Hey Jakob .

Don’t get close to the creek bank , if you were to fall in you might be a goner :grinning:


I had the same thought except I thought it would be " I’ve fallen and I can’t get up" I was going to suggest adding one of those emergency alert things you wear around your neck. When I was an Ironworker my belt consisted of two spud wrenches, a sleever bar, a 12 in Crescent wrench, a combination square and two bags of bolts and I still don’t think it outweighed what Jacob totes.



Altoids tin can stores watch, three foot tape measure, razor blade, pencil and paper. Room for small items that need replaced at the hardware store. Pocket knife hangs on pants or coveralls loop.

Think I’ll add a set of ear plugs to the tin can.

I don’t tote around a cell phone when doing real work.

When doing other tasks my pockets are configured differently.


I feel like a pauper. Wallet, flip-phone, building keys.
My Dodge pickup; air mattress, sleeping bag, starting fluid, spare fuel filter & wrench, DeLorme map books, 2 extra jackets, in season, water, T.P, paper towels, BIC lighter, roll of cord, big jar of peanut butter.

I have a 1970 Dodge Power wagon that I used to work with caravans of motorhomes & trailers traveling to Mexico, Canada & Alaska. It has a 9ft. utility body packed with tools and parts. It has a cabover camper built on the utility body.
2 days ago, a BIG tree fell on my garage in Bend, Or. and, shoved 2 branches through my camper. It also flattened my garage.
When I’m out in the wilderness, my camper has everything including 275 ft. of winch cable on a pto winch. PTO is on the transfer case so, I have 5 speeds in on the winch. My Dan Wesson 8 inch .44 mag goes with me at times. Other times, it is the 45-70 lever action Winchester.
I had neither with me when I ran into a big sow and cubs, climbing Mt. Marathon above Skagway.


Flashlight of some kind, lighter and knife always in the right. Wallet always in the left, other things come and go based on the work season and jobs.


Right front keys, change,pocket lite. Left front wallet, keys to wife’s vehicle, folding knife clipped to pocket edge sometimes put on the right side. Left/right rear snot rag misc .wrenches depends on what is getting worked on, spare mag. Belt left phone in protective case, soft flip phone case with bandaids and nitrile gloves. Right belt pliers, weapon. Shirt left pen,marker, pocket screwdriver. Right notepad, mints.
Jacket fire starter, altoids tin first aid kit.
Left ankle band scissors, tourniquet, Israel bandage.
Truck spare tire moved to box from underneath due to Chevys having problems with winch’s jamming up. Hydraulic floor jack small cause I ain’t laying in the s*#t to wrench on a screw jack. Shovel. Old farmer zip ties( baling wire).


Above I avoided what I keep in vehicles because as my living situation has changed; I’ve changed dramatically.
Younger, single, purpose-mined my pride was carrying enough tools I was able to broken down road side always get myself back to driving moving.
Later married that was not going to work out.
Needed to get-off-road-safe ASAP.
So no more with the hood-up, ass-hanging out repairs.
Sure. Sure. Still a short snow shovel. Still a tow strap. Good long jumper cables. And always maintained good spare tire with jack and tire lug wenches. Ha! Ha! Mr Murphy always seem to be watching. Have-not-these, and he strikes. Sure enough.
And married then always maintained good towing insurance versus cash-pocket buy-out money.
Funny how a wifie catered stop&just look, “thrift” shopping empties out a fellows pocket.

And this is very much me . . . I always wear boots or shoes capable of walking 50 miles minimum. AFTER having walked out of ground covered with broken glass and even some fire made hot surfaces.
I catch a lot of shit over this from family and friends.
Those comfortable open toed sandels, cargo shorts, and no-pocket sweats/skinny-jeans gonna’ ass bite you for-sure in multiple times in your lifetime. For Sure.

Now my traveling to, Nursie wife is the 300-500 pounds of Possibles in any of her vehicles.
I’ve only had to insist on “ugly”, “stiff”, “hurt my feet” true walking boots added to her vehicle. That I buy.
Now expecting to have to carry after the first 3-4 miles a 40-60 pound child those hardcore backpacking boots will prove their worth when comes the need.

Wanna really disable a Modern? Take away their shoes and socks.
Steve unruh

Their woman’s Bryson’s/Jacksons, or Hancock’s lace up boots. Impress her with your love to only buy her the best. Her very own Berkies.
(I settle for Georgia Barracuda’s)