Exhaust supercharged gasifier

Guys, all this diesel talk lately got me thinking something. You know me, thinking normal is too much to ask from my poor brain :smile:

Diesels always run lean so there is always exess oxigen in the exhaust. My thinking was that might be a problem for those who use exhaust to regulate temperature in a charcoal gasifier. Then it struck me, can we not use this to our advantige somehow? I mean think of it. We have high pressure, high temperature mixture of oxigen and CO2 on demand, with some water vapour also from the diesel. That to me sounds like a perfect mix of gases for a charcoal gasifiers intake!

Now how to implement this fact?


I keep thinking about what could be done with the pressure from the compressor of the AC unit but I can’t see anyway to keep the pressure from back feeding out the intake. At least you have a brain. I have to put corks in my ears to keep the mush from leaking out.


Good idea Kristjan, but first we have to analyze the exhaust gases at different loads, with an unloaded engine they actually contain a lot of oxygen, at partial load this ratio drops sharply and at full power there is no oxygen or even lack, I think the opposite would happen, I think would be used for a stationary generator with a constant load. However, we must also anticipate that the exhaust gases will change the composition when coal gas is supplied to the engine. For example, at the entrance to the gasifier, a mixing valve would be installed, which would be controlled inversely from the load, where a choice would be made between fresh air and exhaust gases.