F150 V6 OBD2 on wood gas

go to youtube and search seanfrench1

for this video

Woodgas 2003 F150 v6 Driveonwood.com

This is a version of Wayne’s design that gets a bunch of performance out of a full sized extended cab pickup truck. The video is long and boring. The significance is that the temperature on the grate is stable at about 1450 F and the gas out of the gasifier 800 F and then the gas out of the heat exchanger is 130 F and those temps just sit there while other gasifiers just keep climbing until they burn out.

Hello Woody and Sean,

You boys have that V-6 going down the road !!!
This younger generation is nipping at our hills; there have been a couple of videos go up today to prove it.

Looks like you and Sean have no excuse to miss the Indiana wood gas blast.



I’m trying to decide on a truck. Have you had issues with the OBDII trouble codes? Worried dealing with those might make it difficult in Texas at inspection time. I know AL has no inspection, don’t know about the issues where you are. Thanks!


Wood gas does not pollute. It does affect the sensors and it will ruin them if it gets in contact with some of them.

Woody, I applaud your three different point temperature revelations as it is the very first time I believe that has ever been done. Concrete operating ranges gives all of us coming up the ranks a snub our nose much less experience. The leaders of this movement have really thick nose callouses.

We found out it was not good to run blind cause you burn more than just wood. No callouses just a red butt once in a while due to frustration. We got beat up from all the free advice. Tuff way to learn. Hint hint…


I was not referring to pollution so much as OBDII Trouble Codes for whatever reason - have those been a problem for you, or do you have some workarounds?

I don’t know yet.